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Web Hosting Hub is a US based hosting provider oriented towards personal and small business websites. It is not too expensive, has a great customer support and a fast shared servers. They are good if you aren’t planning on expanding your business too much since VPS and Dedicated servers are not available. Even with just a shared hosting, you get a lot of excellent features that will help you make the most out of their offers.

Plans & pricing

This provider offers only three plans of shared hosting, so it won’t be too hard to pick the one that will be comfortable for you. Starter plan is called Spark and is $8.99/mo (basic plan with a quick setup). Next one is Nitro for $12.99/mo (better performance for small businesses), and the most powerful one is Dynamo for 16.99/mo (for the dynamic sites that require high performance).

The good thing about the prices is that Web Hosting Hub has a lot of discounts on its plans. At the time of writing this article, Spark ($2.99/mo), Nitro ($4.99/mo) and Dynamo ($6.99/mo) are almost 60% off.

If you want a regular backup of your site’s data, you will have to pay $1/mo for all plans, which is not that bad, considering that it can save your business if it comes to the worst case scenario. Also, with every new account that you create, you get a free bonus in the form of Google AdWords, Bing ad, and Yahoo ad, in up to $250 worth.

Domain names are paid separately, for $11.99/yr for all of the usual .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info. It will automatically renew, so you don’t have to worry about it. Migrating your domain to another provider is free of charge, so it is a nice bonus if you decide that.


Like mentioned before, there are three Linux based hosting plans. There are no plans for the Windows based servers, so if you want to have it on that OS, this will not be right for you.

All of the plans available to order come with a couple of common features like, free domain names, great SSDs, e-mails for your site, WordPress or Joomla setup, shopping carts that can be automatically installed and SSH Access (using command lines). Also, with all of them, you get three free website transfers.

Now to see the difference between the three plans. First one, Spark offers basic tools for creating two websites. With that, you get 10 MySQL databases, five parked domains, and 25 sub domains, unlimited hosting and 75$ worth of Advertising Credits. Second plan Nitro is a bit more serious since it offers an unlimited number of websites, domains and sub domains, MySQL databases, your own choice of data center, and $175 worth of Advertising Credits. Last plan, Dynamo, offers everything as Nitro, just with $250 worth of Advertising Credits.

Web Hosting Hub is heavy on its PHP support, which can be important for those that are good with coding, and want to make websites themselves. They have powerful servers that support PHP 5 (soon 7), MySQL 5 and Apache 2.x. As programmers will know, PHP helps speed up the server and website processing by optimizing means of gathering data (it helps save memory allocation on your server to make it run smoother) and avoiding database locking with too many requests (when it is locked, it blocks all incoming requests and puts “Internal Server Error” on your page).

With the heavy PHP support, Web Hosting Hub is excellent for making forum websites, since it can handle a lot of request coming its way. It is well optimized and will run smoothly, even with heavier traffic.

Like with most of the other web host providers, Web Hosting Hub uses the familiar and user-friendly cPanel. It is a well-rounded control panel, with its functions being well categorized. With it, you can (with great ease) manage everything on your server from, websites, emails, domain names, files, databases, Apache setting and security. Since there are no Windows based servers, this is the only control panel you will have to pick. Instead, there are two different looks for the control panel, to pick which one suits you best.

One of the key features they have in store is the amazing tool called Softaculous. It is easy to learn and simple to use. With it, you can find couple hundreds of applications that can be integrated into your website with such ease.

Web Hosting Hub has two high-quality server centers (U.S. West and East coast) with their power supplies and backup generators. Because of this, they promise their customers 99.9% uptime, which is on par with most other web host providers in the business. You can be sure that your website visitors will not be staring at the little dinosaur icon in their browsers that pops up when a website is down.

Their server speed is superb, even for shared hosting. High-performance Dell servers with 24 Intel Cores, 24 GB of memory and RAID 10 storage, you will experience minimal page loading times. They are also backed by network redundancy, route optimizer BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) infrastructure and 20 gigabits of connectivity. The server response time averages are less than 400ms.

Also, they use a backup service by the name of Mozy, which is a cloud service that allows users to backup data manually or with scheduled updates. It is great for enhancing the security of your website.

They proudly stick out that their servers are protected with Advanced Policy Firewalls and, as mentioned before, PHP encryption. Their servers are optimized for eCommerce with the fast and free of charge SSDs.

When you start creating your website, you will have the option to use their website builder, which is built on WordPress. It is easy to use with drag and drop editor and many different themes with modern design. You will have an option for preset pages, modules (like gallery and blogs) and templates. You can pick a theme, and then if you have some knowledge, you can change it up a little, to make the pages your own and unique. With these tools, possibilities are almost endless. Also, you won’t have to worry about things like site responsiveness, since it is integrated with this tool. If you are not able, there is no need for coding, as you can do most of the work with its drag and drop system. After you are done creating your website, it will look beautiful, professional, and will be easy to work with.

Awesome feature Web Hosting Hub offers is their 90-day money back guarantee, which is almost three times more than the normal one month period. It gives you enough time to explore and get to know the services and terms they offer.

It is strange that the Web Hosting Hub billing is done annually, and not on monthly subscriptions, considering that the bloggers and small businesses (for which this provider is marketed) won’t like the lack of flexibility.

The lack of VPS or Dedicated servers hurts the possible expansions of your websites with this provider and is also having a bad impact towards the company’s rating. That is probably one of the reasons why changing to another provider is free of charge and can be done without much hassle.

Customer support

Even though this is one of the low-cost providers, they will offer good customer support and great help with setting up your account. They go as far as giving you a call after the purchase, to confirm it, and also to walk you through the available features. If you are not experienced with web hosting, they will offer you help and some tutorials to help you get started. Support is done by phone (toll-free in the U.S.), live chat or email, and will provide a fast answer to some questions or problems you might run into. Besides having support for an actual human being, there is a big knowledge base where customers can find tutorials and information about domain setup, apps, and tools available, how to get started, how to optimize, security measures, etc. With all of these steps, they have ensured that there will be as little confusion as possible.


  • Low-cost plans;
  • 90-day money back policy;
  • Professional customer support;
  • Easy installment of additional programs.


  • No Dedicated servers or VPS;
  • No monthly subscriptions;
  • No Windows-based servers.


Even though they do not have VPS or Dedicated servers, their shared hosting plans are strong, fast and reliable. They know their focus and keep everything there up to the standard, so if you are looking for a web host provider for a long term cooperation, this is a great choice. It is a perfect web host provider for your websites like blogs or forums. You will get a lot more than what you pay for, with easy-to-use builders and always ready and eager support. If you plan on expanding and want some of the more advanced options available, you will have a better shot with some other web host provider.

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