Key Features of Cloud Hosting

People who are looking to host a website are met with a wealth of choices and often fall into paralysis of analysis. There is simply too much to choose from and it’s easy to get confused when you try to outline all the features of your perspective hosting providers. So, it’s important to get your hands on as much useful information as you possibly can to make a reasonable choice.

There has been a new world floating around the industry, which is called Cloud Hosting. It is a new hosting technology with a lot of promise. Many big companies have made the investment to move the entirety of their online presence to cloud hosting services a few years ago. Now, as the technology developed further, more hosting companies have adopted it.

Thanks to this, even the average user can now leverage the benefits of cloud hosting. But what are these exactly? Why would you choose cloud hosting above anything else and how would it benefit you. Let’s find the answers to these questions right now!

What Is Cloud Hosting?

The innovative cloud computing technology allows an unlimited number of computers to be connected into a single pool and act as one system. This way, it is a lot more stable, a lot faster and a lot more secure.

The load of tasks a website or a web application has to carry out is spread across numerous computers. Virtually, it’s impossible for the system to fail in carrying out a task, because if a server fails, the task will just be carried out by another one. Also, if you upload any data, it is also spread across the entire system, not stored on one server. So it’s always there when you need it.

You only have to pay for what you use in most cloud hosting services. If you have subscribed for a service and overstep the limitations, you don’t face the danger of having your account terminated. A lot of hosting companies just terminate the account that oversteps a certain amount of resource usage. Cloud hosting simply allocates more resources to your account if you need it. So, no longer are sudden traffic spikes a problem for a website.

One of the greatest cloud hosting users is Google. Ever noticed Google’s search engine or any of their services suffering downtime or being even a second slower than you would expect? Of course not! That’s because all of their services work with cloud computing.

But let’s not throw all of this in the air. Let’s see what the exact benefits of cloud hosting are!

The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting can be really expensive and really inexpensive at the same time. The price might fluctuate a great deal from month to month. Why is that you ask? Because your resource usage determines how much you have to pay.

  • Cost Effectiveness – You can simply enjoy the power you would get from dedicated hosting, while still keeping your price tag in check. You will get the maximum speed from your service, while only paying for what you use.
  • Flexibility – You can always add more resources when you need them. You can add a virtually unlimited amount of RAM or CPU units to your account. You have complete control over your configuration that you can leverage through an API or a simple user interface.
  • Guaranteed Resources – A lot of hosting types might fail you in the long run. Shared hosting for example, might end up running your site incredibly slow, because you have to share its resources with others. Cloud hosting comes with guaranteed resources, so you can get the maximum out of everything you were promised.
  • Stability – There is no single point of failure. No matter how much of a heavy task you give a cloud hosting system, it will be evenly spread across it. If any of the hardware fails, there’s always the rest of the system to handle the tasks. You, the user won’t ever notice any lag or downtime. No longer are users affected by technical problems.
  • Freely Choose Your Operating System – Most hosting companies don’t let you decide what kind of operating system you are going to use. You can use any operating system with cloud hosting. Whether it be Windows or Linux, it won’t make a difference in the price.

Cloud Hosting VS Other Hosting Types

Up until now, dedicated hosting was the most powerful hosting service you could use, and some people still believe it is. Yet, that’s not true anymore.

Dedicated servers were always far away from you, sparing you from their maintenance issues and the rest of their problems. You could enjoy their speed and get full control over them, so you could always maximize their performance. If your requirement grew, you had to move to a bigger dedicated server, with a much higher cost.

With cloud hosting, you get all these benefits without ever having to move to a “bigger server”. There’s no fixed monthly fee, you just pay for what you use and enjoy every bit of it with the highest speed and stability at all times.

Cloud hosting eliminates downtime and lets you expand your online presence simply and easily. It takes only a few clicks to add new resources and bandwidth to your server. Simply put, you can build a massive online enterprise from zero, without ever having to switch providers or throw money out the window for resources you didn’t use.


There you have it! A simple and comprehensive explanation of what cloud hosting is and what benefits it can offer you. Today, there are plenty of entry level cloud hosting services for beginners, so you can jump right into it with one of the hosting providers we are going to review in our next article!

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