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InMotion Review

InMotion is one of the biggest world-wide Internet hosting companies and it is one of the most popular choices amongst small and large businesses. It was founded in 2001, and it has been growing ever since to the current customer base of over 300,000 domains. They have two offices in Los Angeles, CA and Virginia Beach, VA and thousands of servers and data centers in California and Virginia. As one of the biggest Internet hosting companies in the world, they have a lot to offer, but they claim to be #1 in transfers, customer support and industry guarantee.

Plans and pricing

Being one of the biggest, InMotion has a lot to offer. On their official website you can find something for everyone; from shared hosting for small businesses and blogs, to dedicated servers for big sites with high traffic.

  1. Shared business hosting

Shared business hosting is very good for low to medium traffic websites. It is perfect for people with less experience in designing a website. It has a simple Drag & Drop website builder or you can use WordPress for more control over your website.

InMotion has three hosting plans.

  • The first and most basic is Launch; it can support up to 2 websites and 6 domains and it costs $4.89/month with a current discount (for a 2 year subscription).
  • The second is Power; it allows you to have up to 6 websites and 26 domains for a price of $6.29/month (for a 2 year subscription).
  • The third is Pro; with it you get unlimited websites and domains for $10.49/month (for a 1 year subscription).

It’s important to know that all the shared plans come with unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly transfers and unlimited email accounts and storage. Other very useful feature you get with these plans is a 90-day-money-back-guarantee, which is a lot more than what the most other companies offer.

You also get a free data backups (up to 10GB) and $250 worth of free advertisement credits, which is perfect for boosting up new websites by diverting traffic towards them.

  1. VPS hosting

VPS hosting is good for sites with higher traffic. Just like shared hosting, VPS hosting also has 3 plans:

  • VPS-1000HA-S; this plan offers you 4GB of available RAM, 4TB of monthly premium transfers (bandwidth),75TB of fault tolerant disk space and 3 IP addresses, with a current discount for a price of $24.99/month (for annual subscription).
  • VPS-2000HA-S; in this plan you get 6GB of available RAM, 5TB of bandwidth, 150TB of disk space and 4 IP addresses for a price of $39.99/month (for annual subscription).
  • VPS-3000HA-S; the most advanced one, gives you 8GB of available RAM, 6TB of bandwidth, 260TB of disk space and 5 IP addresses for a price of $59.99/month (for annual subscription).

Besides the great features you get in shared hosting plans, such as 90-day-money-back-guarantee, you also get a lot of new and great things. Their new High Availability feature ensures that if anything happens to your node, your website will spin up almost instantly on a new, fully functioning server on the same cluster.

Features that are also great are free cPanel license, including all VPS plans and WHM (Web Host Manager) also for free. Free server management, free solid state drives and unlocked CPU cores are too some nice features you get in these plans.

  1. Dedicated servers with free SSDs

Their Linux-based dedicated servers can be configured to fit the needs of large companies and enterprises. InMotion offers single or dual core processor dedicated servers that include free SSDs.

You can get hosting with dedicated servers in 6 different plans:

  • Essential
  • Advanced
  • Elite
  • Commercial Class 500
  • Commercial Class 1000
  • Commercial Class 2000

The price range of these plans is wide. It starts, with a current discount, from $99.99 (for an annual subscription) and it goes up to $539.99/month (for an annual subscription).

You get a lot for your money, up to 64GB ECC DDR4 RAM, RAID -5, 3X1TB SSD, 15TB of bandwidth and 15 IPs included. These numbers are impressive, and show that InMotion can host practically any high traffic website.

Features that come with dedicated server plans are amazing. Besides things you get in cheaper plans, with dedicated servers you receive a number of new and great things.

InMotion guarantees you 100% of network uptime and they have a lot of features that make sure that happens. Rebootless updates are a great thing that provides you with no downtime for your website. Their Corero Multi-Layer Defense protects you from today’s often occurring cyber-attacks, so your website will always stay up.

Free SSD, for up to 20x faster load times, is essential for large companies, since lots of them are prepared to spend huge sums of money to shave milliseconds off the load time.

Managed Hosting and 1-to-1 Sysadmin time are types of customer service that are provided in these plans.

  1. Reseller Hosting

In short, Reseller Hosting allows you to re-pack and re-sell their resources as your own. You can use your disc space and bandwidth that was provided to you to host websites for other companies and individuals. Basically, you can serve as your own web hosting company with your own plans at your own price.

You have a choice of 3 plans for this type of hosting. They all include free SSDs, cPanel and WHMCS, free dedicated IP and a free eNom Domain reseller account. Plans are:

  • R-1000S
  • R-2000S
  • R-3000S

In these plans you get up to 160GB of disk space, 1,600GB of monthly bandwidth from $22.39/month (for an annual subscription), with a current discount.

Cool features that come with these plans are free billing software, free domain reseller and IMAP support, which allow both you and your customers to get your emails on any devices (PCs, Laptops, smartphones etc.).

  1. WordPress hosting

If you are looking for Wordpress hosting, InMotion offers good packages. The Web host is Linux-based; WordPress-optimized servers come with the content management system installed, and offer free daily backups and automatic software updates. However, third-party Wordpress plug-ins will have to be manually updated.

On the plus side, InMotion offers you unlimited websites, disk space, and monthly data transfers in their Pro plan. Besides their Pro plan, they also offer a Launch and a Power plan, which offer a bit less, but you still get a good value for your money.

  1. Managed hosting

Unlike classical web hosting plans, managed hosting is something different. It is your personal support team. It provides everything from classical customer service to helping you achieve your goals in site building.

They have 4 levels of service, which they charge by hour, and the price goes up to $75/hour.

Extra Features

Most of their great features have already been mentioned earlier in this review, so we are only going to mention 2 things that InMotion hosting is known for.

Website transfer: as we mentioned earlier, InMotion proudly states that they are #1 when it comes to transfers, and truly they are the best option for you. Transfers are for free, and more importantly, there is no downtime.

Softaculous: it’s a very user friendly one-click installer. With it you can install and manage over 400 apps.

Customer support

InMotion also prides itself with its support team.

There are a lot of ways you can get help on their website. They have a support center on which you can find links for all kinds of tutorials, both written and video, as they regularly post on their YouTube channel.

Besides those links, you can contact their customer support via email, online chat, phone and even Skype. You are guaranteed a quick response, and their staff has mostly been reviewed as very helpful and friendly.

Besides the “standard” customer service, you can purchase the Managed hosting plan, which was explained previously.

Pros & Cons


First of all, the size of the company and its great number of offers makes it appealing to a wide range of customers, from small businesses to large enterprises. So as your company grows and your website gets more traffic, you won’t have to switch your web host.

Free transfers with no downtime, as mentioned earlier are also a great thing about InMotion.

Their load time is fantastic! In a number of their offers you get free SSDs, that will make your load speed up to 20x faster.

Good customer service is always a pro. Any problem you might encounter can be resolved in their support center or by contacting their staff for an immediate response.

Great number of Integrations & Apps:  InMotion makes a claim on their official website that they are a leader in supporting Open Source projects. Those claims are backed up with a portfolio of over 400 applications. You can find everything from WordPress and Drupal to ecommerce systems like Magento.

Free Data Backups: Many web hosts charge for backups but not InMotion. Accounts up to 10GB are regularly backed up, and they also provide a simple tool to manually backup your site.

90-days-money-back guarantee is an offer better than the most of their competitors, so you have more than enough time to decide if InMotion is the right web host for you.


All of InMotion’s servers are Linux based, which can be a little setback, as you can’t install any Windows-based software on the server.

Other cons are the prices for the plans they offer. Their regular prices are a bit high and even though InMotion often has discounts, the lowest prices are for 1 year plans. Plans for shorter periods of time are charged more, if even available.


InMotion offers you a wide spectrum of services, but is it meant for everyone?

Well, if you have a static website or a blog with a low traffic you can use their shared hosting, but maybe you could find a cheaper web host that will offer you similar conditions.  On the other hand, if you plan on becoming a large company with a high traffic, or you already are one, InMotion is a perfect choice for you, since it offers anything you might need – great load speed, good Internet security, free transfer and data backups, and always important great customer service.

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