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HostClear Review

Company overview

Whether you want to build your own website from scratch, or you already have one and you are looking for the right hosting platform, or maybe, you are just looking for a low cost, affordable web hosting service – there is no need to look further.

HostClear is a renowned, US based web host that has been in business since 2009. HostClear provides unlimited web hosting and simplified website development tools. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced user; HostClear is here to provide you with everything you need. The quest for setting up your own website will be easy, and the journey with HostClear will definitely be a pleasant one.

You may have heard people saying that they are not wealthy enough to buy cheap things, because cheap things tend to be of low quality and break quickly. This common saying definitely can’t be applied to the service that HostClear provides. With its more than affordable pricing, HostClear offers high quality service.

Plans and Pricing

HostClear’s users are offered the perfect value for money regarding the service. It offers a plan that can meet all your needs, and gives an opportunity for a 50% discount on your average monthly cost if you purchase extended billing cycles.

You should be aware that 50% discount applies only if you pick the one year or longer package; and if you don’t, all the subsequent payments will be charged regularly. After the first invoice, HostClear users can receive discounts for paying in advance on selected plans.

HostClear also offers a great deal of additional products which can improve the hosting and the overall website experience. Great thing is that they offer a discount on the first invoice for many of their products, so you can pick and choose some features and see for yourself if it fits your needs for a lower price than usual. However, the discount will only be applied to your first billing cycle resulting in the initial price. Be careful because all subsequent invoices will reflect the regular price of the product.

Features and Value

If you take a closer look, you will see that if you choose HostClear you can get core features, such as unmetered storage space and bandwidth, unlimited allowed domains and MySQL databases. For only 2.99 € a month you will get a chance to market your website with the help of online marketing guides, and a 100€ credit on Bing Ads to advertise on Yahoo and Bing SEA platforms.

Nowadays, nobody builds their websites from scratch. And why would they? HostClear recognizes the need for faster implementation and structuring of websites, and offers tools which can help you build your own website using templates, as well as the tools that can help you personalize your website and adjust it to your needs.

With HostClear you get to use a free drag and drop website builder, choose between thousands of templates, choose your personalized domain name and get a blog setup wizard. If you are a more experienced user, HostClear offers you some features for geeks that are designed to meet your advanced needs.

Worried about sending and receiving emails? That isn’t something you should be stressed about with HostClear. For subscribed users, HostClear offers free email addresses as your domain name.

In case you are traveling and you forgot your computer, and you can’t access your emails – no worries. HostClear offers a webmail service which can help your business coordination in a more efficient way. For instance, your communication with clients and business partners will go faster and, accordingly, will be more efficient because you are not tied to bringing your computer with you. All you need is to find an internet café, tablet or mobile phone to access your webmail account.

The email service that HostClear offers will provide you with tools such as email forwarding, which can save you time. Auto responders will inform your customers or business partners and associates that you are unavailable at the moment, about your absence.

Tired of getting pointless and useless emails? You don’t have to worry about it anymore. The agony will be gone with the customizable spam filters that HostClear offers in its sending and receiving email package.

Afraid of viruses? No need for fear anymore. HostClear offers to its users a feature that enables virus checking for every email that gets into your inbox.

Feel more advanced? HostClear takes care of its geeks and offers unlimited POP3/IMAP email accounts.

If you have an online store, or you just want to sell some of your products online, HostClear provides you with a free online store feature. With the said feature you don’t have to worry about ways you can sell your stuff. Your customers will be able to put the items in a shopping cart, and pay it with the PayPal integration service that HostClear provides.

If you worry that the service provided by this hosting provider is up to date, worry no more. HostClear offers word-class technology, some of its features include: web hosting control panel, non-stop network monitoring, high performance load balanced servers, and way more!

If you want to track the visitors of your website, HostClear offers that service too. You can see visitor statistics and order a website traffic report. With the provided data you can analyze your audience’s behavior and plan a marketing strategy that suits your business plan.

We all know that storing is one of the most common problems of the modern age. HostClear thinks about its users and offers a free cloud storage account which can help you save your important data.

Customer Support

HostClear offers to its users an in-house, US-based support team that is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They offer various contact options – you can contact them by phone, online chat or email.

Phone, online chat, email: the multi – channel contacting of customer support will meet the needs of every user, and it is proof that good companies think about their users. Don’t have time to chat with the call operator? Contact them via email! Immediate help is needed? Online chat is the perfect solution.

The online help section meets the needs of every user. From the beginner’s guide to website building to the latest up to date advanced development tip; all you need is in the hundreds of great tutorials.

Public websites are made with the intent to be shared with the world. Tutorials include guides on SEO as well. SEO tutorials will help you boost your website’s visibility and make it more advanced while browsing the Internet.

HostClear is a web hosting platform that fully understands that once you sell the service, you are not done with your customers. HostClear goes above and beyond in terms of customer service.

Pros and Cons

As mentioned before, HostClear offers more advanced and well thought services that put some of its competitors light years behind. The features are easy to navigate, very extensive and presented in a way that can fit everyone’s needs.

Talking about cost and performance ratio, you are in the lead if you join HostClear’s team. Unlimited bandwidth, domains and their reliability in general, as well as performance levels are the ones that certainly cost less than expected. The things that add more value on HostClear’s service are definitely add-ons in the marketing suite, templates and website builders.

Nowadays almost nobody wants to build their website from scratch. That’s why HostClear’s website builder and templates are a great way to make your own website in almost no-time at all. Up to date designs, with modern and sleek styles are the signature mark of the HostClear hosting platform.

One of the advantages of HostClear is that its interface is easy to use. Another important thing to mention is the option to choose between cPanel and their website builder.

However, if you want to build an ecommerce website, you should bear in mind that HostClear has limited ecommerce tools, and might not be able to meet all your needs.

Good thing is that you have a non-stop customer support that will fit your needs. Also, HostClear offers 45 day money back guarantee, free domain name and unlimited features as well as thousands of templates to choose from.


HostClear is an easy to use web hosting service with an interface that is well and thoughtfully made. Its hosting plan is suitable for those users who are new to hosting a website, but they are good for those users who are a bit advanced too. It offers lots of interesting and useful features, and all that with more than a decent price gives you an offer that would put some competitors to shame.

You don’t have to worry with HostClear, its help support is available 7 days of the week, 24 hours a day and you can contact the support team in multiple ways, suitable to fit everybody’s needs.

HostClear is suitable for those looking for a regular hosting plan. Its services are perfect for new users and offer good value for product they offer.

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