Closer Look to the History of Web Hosting Service

Since the advent of advanced and more complex computer usage in the early 1990s,communicating worldwide became necessary and pivotal in socializing and transacting businesses. Internet or world wide web (WWW) therefore became pivotal and has to this day made the world a global village.; a platform where people distant apart can communicate just at the click of a button. This created an increasing demand for web services. A mud rush among entrepreneurs, engineers, visionaries and problem solvers therefore ensued to grasp this rare opportunity of providing web services or coming up with computer services online. This later and has remained to be popularly referred to as web hosting.

Web hosting typically denotes the aspect by which a given internet service provider(ISP) houses or provides web services such as web design, internet browsing and maintenance to numerous companies. Compared to a company hosting its web services, web hosting is considerably cost effective as such companies whose websites are hosted tend to share costs through a process known as spreading of risks. Web hosting services employ the use of digital transmission media known as T-carrier lines(.T-carries lines use a transmission technologies popularly known as Time division multiplexing(TDM) and pulse code modulation(PCM). These are digitally oriented modes of transmitting data and information. As its name suggests, multiplexing allows for voluminous data and information transfer from the server to multiple users instantaneously. Examples of internet service providers offering web hosting services include HostMonster and BlueHost. These two have servers that source out web services to designated subscribers.

Hosting companies refer to their services as virtual services meaning they offer transparent services and that each webpage or website is assigned a domain name(A domain name locates a company, organization or an individual owning a website on the internet).Examples of domain names include:, and email addresses. Example of an email address would Some web hosting companies provide clients with virtual thereby creating a platform of interactivity .i.e the client have autonomy and independence over their websites. Virtual web hosting services also include such aspects as creation of web pages and file storage. Apart from virtual hosting, their is dedicated hosting that its applicability is evident in companies that have busy websites. In this regard, they are assigned a dedicated server that eases traffic(data and information flow) in their websites. More often than not, companies with financial prowess have instead preferred dedicated web hosting as opposed to virtual web hosting. Such economically viable companies therefore purchase their own servers and place them on sites that provide faster internet access. This process is known as collocation.

With the increasing number of internet users and competition in the global business arena, companies especially the virtual organizations have embraced webhosting as one of the services they source out to clients on a larger scale. Webhosting has therefore made it flexible, secure, scalable and intuitive to transact businesses without much strain. It therefore goes without saying that this phenomenon is here to stay for as long as excellence in business and quality customer service remain a priority.

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