We’ve created this review to help customers decide if this company is right for their particular needs. Here you will find information on eHost pricing, features, customer support and their two plans: eHost website builder and eHost cPanel. At the end of our eHost review you  can find the pros and cons of eHost.

from $2.75 / month
ehost review

The company was founded in Houston, Texas and it is providing web hosting ever since. They are in business since 1999, and in 2015 they were re-branded – they got a new logo, website design, new control panel and they even updated their hosting service to be up-to-date with the newest industry standards.

eHost is now running on cPanel, instead of vDeck, which they previously used. It’s worth mentioning that eHost proudly claims to host more than 1 million websites on their platform.

eHost Plans & Pricing

They provide low-priced shared hosting. With the current 50% discount their monthly plan is only $2.75. For that money you can get a free domain name (a pretty standard offer) and you can also get a good number of other features such as:

  • free email address
  • free marketing tools
  • Drag & Drop site builder
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • and much more.

eHost Features & Value

The features offered by eHost are their strongest virtue, and in the next segment of this article we will analyze some of them.

Core features: Core features, as listed on eHost website are: unmetered storage space and bandwidth, unlimited domains allowed and unlimited MySQL databases.

As the unlimited domains allowed and unlimited MySQL databases are self-explanatory, we will now focus on unmetered storage space and unmetered bandwidth.

As explained on their website, there are no limits on their storage space and bandwidth that eHost provides in their shared hosting plans. They claim that 99.95% of their customers will have more than enough storage space and bandwidth to suit their needs, since they targeted clientele includes mostly personal and small business websites.

Typical issues happen when customers use their accounts for storage or file sharing – particularly multimedia files, which is not supported by eHost. It is very rare for a customer who is managing a personal or a small business to exceed their normal usage.

When you are signing with eHost, you have the option to choose between cPanel web hosting and a site builder, depending on your experience and needs. If you would like more control over your website and have higher functionality, you should choose cPanel hosting. Otherwise, if you are looking for something more simple, and “beginner-friendly” their Drag & Drop site builder is the way to go.

cPanel web hosting: gives you the complete control of your account. You can easily add new domains, create new email addresses, and install all kinds of scripts like Magneto, Cube Cart, Open cart and WordPress.  WordPress, being as one of the best open source website building software gives you more options then the site builder.

Drag & Drop Site Builder: this is a perfect tool for beginners and people with less experience who wish to design their own website. It’s drag and drop functionality gives you the ability to create custom pages, style the layout, publish content, insert galleries and slideshows and more without the need of writing any codes. eHost now offers thousands of free templates you can choose from to design the website suitable to your needs.

Selling online:  with the cPanel platform you can easily design your online store for free without any third party programs needed. It allows you PayPal integration, which is a very wanted feature these days. It is also very up-to-date; since it can be Mobile optimized and integrated to social media.

Free marketing credits: all new hosting plans include $100 Google AdWords and $100 Yahoo/Bing credits, which you can spend on advertising your new website. That can help you a lot in starting your business and making your first sales.

Besides free marketing credits, you get access to Online Marketing Guides, which can give you very useful pointers on how to grow and expand your business.

Sending and receiving emails: eHost offers you three different apps that you can choose from: Roundcube, Horde and SquirrelMail

The most popular option with users is the Horde. With Horde you can easily manage your emails, calendars, notes and tasks. Horde also allows sharing emails, notes, etc. amongst co-workers.

Roundcube is also a popular mail software. It allows you to send and receive your emails using most web browsers and also import and manage your address books. Roundcube has a spell checker, which is also a great feature for writing emails using the rich-text editor.

SquirrelMail is the most simple webmail application. Since it is very user-friendly it is recommended to the less-experienced and the beginners. SquirrelMail is highly customizable, but it has fewer features then the other two mentioned before.

POP3 and IMAP protocols are also available to you if you want to get and read your emails using an email client, such as Outlook, Opera Mail or Thunderbird. You can use these protocols to setup your email address. Tutorials on how to set up emails using POP3 and IMAP are found on eHost’s official website.

We must also add that eHost allows its customers to create unlimited mailboxes (i.e., POP/IMAP accounts); each individual mailbox has a storage capacity of 500MB or 10,000 email messages, whichever comes first.

Besides these features for $2.75 a month (with a current discount) you will also get 1GB of free cloud storage space, which should be more than enough for personal and small business websites. You will also get 24/7 monitoring of your website, and Visitor statistics (Site traffic report), that can show you how good your website is doing. Customer Support

eHost seems to be paying a lot of attention on customer support. One of their best offers is the 30-day money-back guarantee. 30 days should be enough to figure out if eHost is the right hosting provider for you. If you have high traffic on your website or a blog and eHost is not ideal for you, you will get your money back.

Besides money-back guarantee, you also get a handful of free Step-by-Step tutorials that are user friendly and perfect for “newbies”.  Example for those are POP3 and IMAP protocol tutorials.

eHost also pays attention to direct communication with their clients. There are three ways you can get in touch with customer support: Extensive Online Help Center, Call and email support. The important thing to know is that these services are provided 24/7.

Using the Online Help Center, you can chat live with customer support on their official website. Call support is also 24/7 and they guarantee a call answered within 2 minutes. The last option is via emails, and you can find their address on their site.

Pros & Cons of

One of the biggest pros is the Drag & Drop site builder, a tool that is perfect for people with no experience, that still wish to make a professional website. More experienced clients can use cPanel web hosting, on which you can use WordPress.

Also a great pro is the value you get for the money you pay, for only $2.75 a month (with a current discount) you get not only a lot of very useful features, but you get free marketing credits ($200 Google, Yahoo/Bing credits) valuable for boosting up your website and building up your brand.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction is also very important. 30-days money-back guarantee is enough time for you to test eHost and their service. Also 24/7 customer support is quite useful if you encounter any sort of problems.

The response time of a website is important; it is the time the user needs to connect to that particular site. However, the load time is more important. This is the time that a user will have to wait for the page to fully load (download images, scripts and files). To test the load time of these sites, Pingdom’s website speed tool was used. It showed that when looking at both the site builder and WordPress based website, the load time was around 3 seconds, which is pretty good time (considering the fact that this is a shared hosting and can’t provide the performance of a dedicated server).

eHost provides only shared hosting, which is not a problem for low traffic websites (private or small companies), which in fact are the target group of eHost, as cited on their official website. So websites with higher traffic, or ones that will grow in time will have to be transferred to other hosts.

You can integrate eHost with MojoMarketplace, which means the most popular eCommerce platforms can be installed to your website hosted by eHost. Although this feature is good, its shared host isn’t ideal for long term eCommerce hosting since it requires a lot more resources than a simple small company website or a blog, and you quickly will overgrow the shared plan.

eHost targets small businesses, so is it a good choice for small business websites? Yes, yes it is, especially for starting companies, who are creating their first website. Drag & Drop site builder, affordable pricing and a feature-rich hosting plan is perfect for the new starting companies. Otherwise if you have a high traffic website or a blog or eCommerce store with a lot of products, eHost would not be a perfect choice for you, since you will not be able to receive enough hosting power.

The Conclusion on eHost Web Hosting

In conclusion, if you run a small business or have a personal website with low to medium traffic, we recommend eHost, it’s perfect for you.

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