How to Build a Successful Website for Google AdSense?

There is no big secret about building a successful website. You have to give people a reason to visit it. Meaning you have to offer them something of value and engage them in a way that they will want to continue using your website. Work on ways to attract quality traffic to your website.

This might seem simple, but a lot of people just don’t get it. They think that with writing a few short posts about something or just posting pictures will get them thousands of dollars per month from Google AdSense. Offering good quality content, a service, anything that has some relevance to your target audience and they get value from it. You can do this in many ways:

  • Help your visitors in solving a problem
  • Have social media presence and share your content
  • Post controversial things or something engaging
  • Build a website around a niche topic that few websites have covered before
  • Create your content around something interesting
  • Catch people’s attention with something out of the ordinary
  • Work with some back linking tactics
  • Share all your content on social media to see people’s reaction and find out what they like

Do some Keyword Research

This is an important part in the daily life of any AdSense professional. You can focus on any upcoming keyword trends or find niches that nobody else has yet to cover. Scoping out if there are any open opportunities in high value niches, which already have websites. You can go about doing a keyword research in a lot of ways. Google Keyword Planner is a popular tool and the information Google gives you through it is of high value. There are a lot of services online and a lot of SEO companies that can offer you their own powerful keyword tools.

You should look out for four things when you do keyword research:

Look for Search Trends

Some keywords just get insane popularity in a month, and then they simply disappear. Others might get a high search rate at particular times during the year like various seasons or maybe sports playoffs. A single month of keyword search volume shouldn’t fool you. Take a look at some past trajectories to have a clear picture of where your keyword could reach up to in the future.

What is Average of Cost per Click (CPC)?

With this you can see the average profit of an AdSense Ad in a particular niche. A high average CPC will make more money per click.

The Local Search Volume for Each Month

Google is becoming more local by the day. This is good because if a search phrase is dominated by authority websites on an international level, it does not have to mean that they will appear on the first place within the search rankings tied to your location. You should look at the local search volume and find out how many people are searching for a particular keyword in your country every month.

The Global Search Volume for Each Month

It will tell you approximately how many people in average are searching for a specific keyword in a month.

Pick Your Micro-niche

About 2.5 billion people of the world’s population browse the Internet regularly. If you look at it in a larger scale, even some of the most ambiguous niches have some people that are interested and could become dedicated followers.

You can build a website for a highly ranking niche topic. Make sure that at least a small group of people are interested in the topic as you do your keyword research, and then build a kickass website around it. There are always good niches you can exploit, from clouds to UFS or some not so popular videogames; you can find something fun and something that will get you a nice click through rate.

Make Your Advertisements Attractive

There is no internet user who hasn’t seen some kind of annoying advertisement. Most of them have already seen thousands and thousands of ads and they might have gone through them with only clicking a few. The internet has become overwhelmed with annoying pop up advertisements and experienced users have become desensitized to them. Most of the users won’t click on an ad if they think of it as an ad, unless it has interesting or something really good to offer. Knowing this, the best way you can encourage visitors to click on your advertisements is by blending them in with your site’s theme.

A good reason for this is when people come to your website to solve some kind of problem and if they see an advertisement that offers a solution to their problem, they will click on it. They will think that it is recommended personally by the person who runs your website.

But obviously, this isn’t the recipe for the best ads. Some websites have obvious ads glaring and popping up all over and they have a high click through rate. It all depends on what kind of niche you are working with and what kind of visitors you have.

Understand the Importance of SEO

There is a lot of stuff to cover when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how deeply it affects AdSense users, but we will keep it short here.

SEO helps websites rank higher and higher on search engines. When people do a search for a particular keyword in a niche, SEO can make a website be the first thing people see on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The top 5 should be the spot you aim for in the search rankings. About 80% of the searchers click on them and if you make it, then you will make a lot of money with AdSense. As you slip from the top 5 in search rankings, you will get much less traffic.

It takes a lot of dedicated work, to become a SEO professional. It is a very technical profession and requires a lot of competitor research and a throughout understanding of Terms of Service that Google frequently updates. If you make it to the ultimate goal of being on top or at least be high up on the search rankings then you will make a lot of cash through your AdSense campaign.

Tips to Drive your Earning Potential to Max

Use responsive ads

Nowadays, a lot of the Internet traffic happens from mobiles and tablets. It’s only logical that converting some of that traffic would greatly benefit your AdSense revenue. AdSense allows you to make responsive units and it goes very well with responsive web design. In 2015, Comscore reported that 60% percent of the time that people spend on digital media is made up of mobile device activity. That is a number that will only grow!

Have Good Keyword Density

Always make sure that you have good keyword density within the article you are about to post on your website or blog. This will make your content much more SEO friendly and will improve your search rankings greatly.

Keyword density also has a lot to do with what kind of advertising is going to be posted onto your site.

Put Your Ads in the Right Positions

One of the most important things is to put your Ads in positions where they most likely to be seen and clicked on by a visitor. So it’s a good strategy to place your links at the top and bottom of your pages, instead of placing them on the side.

Don’t Use Too Much Advertisement

The more ads you have on your website the more likely it is that someone will click on them, right? Wrong! You can really go overboard with the number of ads you place. Having too many could ruin the user experience, thus driving your visitors away and we know that isn’t a good thing. Your visitors don’t want to see a website made of Ads so it’s best to keep your content pages human friendly.

Choose Good Colors for your text Ads

It’s essential to choose good colors for text ads to increase their visibility. It’s best to make them blend in with your website’s theme and background so they cause no disturbance. So to make the best user experience out of it, match the border color and the background color of your ad with the background of the webpage where it is placed.

Always focus your Design and Content on your users

In the hustle to increase our website’s revenue, we tend to lose sight of the primary goal of our website, which is to give value to its users. Find a good mix of ads and quality content so that users will still want to see your site and click on your ads when they see fit.

Keep the quality of your user experience up by publishing quality content regularly. This is what keeps your users coming back and a thing that drives fresh visitors.

When it comes to making money with AdSense, this is the king. It is also good for SEO because the Google algorithm gives higher ranking to websites that put out content regularly and it also adds a lot to your traffic too. Make your publishing predictable to your users.

Build an Active Audience Before you set up AdSense

It might be tempting to set up AdSense on your website when you have just started publishing, but you should make a bit of a name for yourself first. Putting your website full of ads where having much traffic will most likely put your visitors off. Focus on having a big audience in visitors, email subscribers and RSS readers before you display any ads.

Put a Limited Number of Advertisements above the Fold

The term “above the fold” means the parts of the webpage that can be seen without scrolling. It is basically the first glance the user gets of your website. If the user sees a ton of advertisements just by clicking on your site, then it will probably cause them disappointment because finding the information they are looking for is hard. Google even gives penalties to such pages. So be smart about what you place above the fold.

Keep Monitoring Everything

Nailing down facts about cause and effect scenarios can be pretty hard as you work with AdSense. Did the CTR increase because we changed colors on our ads or are users feeling like clicking more this month? You can’t exactly be sure how many variables are in the game. The best thing you can do is add a unique label to each of the ads you have. AdSense makes it pretty easy to track how each of your ad units is doing. You just have to make individual channels for every ad and you’ll be able to monitor how each of them is doing.


We have provided most of the tips we found useful for building a nice income with AdSense. Some of these tips are well-known throughout the industry and some aren’t. The best you can do to take your ad revenue to the top is continuing your research and looking for ways to gain more traffic and CTR. We hope that this post helped you and I wish to see you in our upcoming articles! Stay tuned!

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