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Company overview

Interested in writing and blogging? Or you just want to put your business online? Getting there might be tricky sometimes. Often people who want to make their own website fall into a wormhole while choosing the right „this or that“ and usually end up having the least amount of time to do what they wanted in the first place. Because of all that, choosing your web hosting provider should be the first question that needs to be answered properly.

Hosting is the base for beginning a successful story. But, there is no need to panic! We picked one of the best hosting providers to talk about, ensuring you can pick your service easily and without getting a headache.

We will talk about BlueHost and its services. Founded in 2003, BlueHost is one of the leaders in providing web hosting service solutions. Even though they are US based, they provide their services to people all around the globe. This hosting provider is in partnership with WordPress which is definitely a favorite among programmers and web site users.

Plans and Pricing

All successful companies know that being customer oriented and giving people choices is a right way to go. That’s why you can find six types of hosting service that BlueHost provides such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, as well as the WooCommerce hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.  But let’s have a closer look.

Shared hosting

First, let’s have a look at their shared hosting. This type of hosting is a right fit if you just started building your website and / or online business. This type of service was a standard for website hosting for a long time.

Let us explain shared hosting: it means that you pay a monthly fee (usually small amounts of money) for server space which is shared with other websites owned by various people. This type of hosting is perfect for beginners because it is fully managed by their experts and you don’t need to know stuff programmers do in order to maintain it.

Shared hosting offers four types of plans, which are: Basic, Plus, Prime and GoPro.

  • With the Basic plan for 2.95 dollars a month during the initial period (regular price is 7.99 dollars a month) you will get 50 GB of website space you can use on maintaining one website. Also, you will get unmetered bandwidth, standard performance and a free SSL Certificate. In this plan there is only one domain included, but you can have up to five parked domains and 25 subdomains. Basic plan offers 5 email accounts and 100 MB of email storage per account.
  • However, if you choose the Plus plan, for only 5.5 dollars per month in the initial period (after that is 10.99) you will get unlimited websites, space and bandwidth. Like with the Basic plan, you can expect standard performance and a free SSL certificate. You will get only one included domain, but unlimited parked and subdomains, email accounts and storage. As for the marketing offers, you will get 200 dollars and 24 dollars per year in extras and one spam expert.
  • There is a small difference between the Plus and the Prime plan. We can notice it in the price that is 5.45 dollars per month as the former package, but after the initial period, it will set you back 14.99 dollars. We see the difference in marketing extras per year which is in total of 80 dollars, as well as one domain privacy and site backup pro.
  • If you choose GoPro plan, for the initial period you will have to pay only 13.95 dollars a month, instead of usual 23.99 dollars a month. This package has everything we listed for the prime one, but with a greater performance server.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting basically means that you will be provided with hosting for a website on a virtual server that pulls its resources from a big network of physical web servers. In some instances, cloud hosting is an alternative to hosting websites on single servers. If we look at it that way, we can think of cloud servers as an extension of the concept of clustered hosting.

This type of hosting comes in three pricing plans: Starter, Performance and Business Pro.

  • If you choose the Starter pack for only 6.95 a month (regularly 9.99) you will get one website, 100 GB of storage space, unmetered bandwidth, one free domain as well as the 2 GB of available RAM memory. With this pack you will get 2 available CPUs, 50 dollars for the marketing offers and 100 email accounts as well as the 100 MB of email storage. This plan goes whit the local caching and one click resource scaling.
  • However, if you decide to go for the Performance plan for 8.95 dollars a month (regularly 13.99) you will get unlimited websites, storage space and bandwidth, as well as one free domain, 4 GB of available RAM memory and 4 available CPUs. With this plan, in comparison to the Starter plan, you will get a lot more. For an example, only for the marketing offers, you will get in total of 200 dollars’ worth. If you email a lot, with this plan you will get unlimited email storage and email accounts, as well as the local caching and one click resource scaling. You will also get one spam expert which will help you a lot while securing the safety of your work.
  • And last, but not least, is the plan named Business Pro which you can get for only 15.95 a month in the initial period, while after that you will be charged 25.99 dollars a month. This plan offers unlimited websites and storage space, unmetered bandwidth, one free domain and 6 GB of available RAM memory. This pack, if you look at the credit for the marketing offers, offers the same amount of dollars but what makes difference is the amount of spam experts (2 in total), dedicated IP, SSL certificate, domain privacy as well as the site backup and restore. Email accounts and local caching come at the unlimited amount and there are local caching and one click resource scaling.

WordPress hosting

Many people who want to make their own website, or already own one, have opted for the WordPress platform. Because of that, there are many web hosts that optimize their services and resources in order to meet the WordPress needs and requirements. But which hosting provider you choose really matters, so we picked WordPress hosting that BlueHost provides as the best option for you.

This type of hosting is fast, secure and simple and comes in four pricing plans: WP Standard, WP Enhanced, WP Premium and WP Ultimate, and they all come with a 30 day money back guarantee. So, let’s have a look.

  • BlueHost recommends their WP Standard plan. Normally, for this plan you would pay 39.99 dollars per month, but in the initial period you will have to pay only 19.99 per month. WP Standard plan offers 30 GB of storage and backup space, 2 GB of RAM memory as well as one included domain and IP address. With this plan you will be getting enhanced cPanel, Sitelock CDN and SiteLock Pro for security as well as a free SSL certificate. This plan is good for you if you get up to 100 million visits per month
  • On the other hand, with for WP Enhanced plan, initially you will have to pay 29.99 dollars per month (normally 59.99 dollars per month). In comparison to WP Standard plan you will get double: the storage and backup space, as well as the RAM memory. One more difference is that you will get the SiteLock CDN/WAF Pro. This plan is good for up to 300 million visits per month.
  • You will get WP Premium for 39.99 dollars per month in the initial period, after that you will be charged with their usual 89.99 dollars per month. In comparison with the WP Enhanced plan, you will get 120 GB of storage space and backup, 6 GB of RAM memory, will be secured with SiteLock Premium and Positive SSL. This one is for 600 million visits per month.
  • And, if you opt for the WP Ultimate plan for only 49.99 dollars a month in the initial period (normally 129.99) you will get 240 GB of storage and backup space, 8 GB of RAM memory as well as the SiteLock Enterprise and Positive Wildcard SSL. With this plan you get an unlimited amount of visits per month.

WooCommerce hosting

If you want to open an online store, or you just want to open up your business to the world WooCommerce hosting is a way to go. It comes with three plans: Starter, Plus and Pro.

  • Starter plan is a great choice for ones who want excellent service for small amount of money. It will cost you only 6.95 dollars per month in the initial period. After that, you will be charged 13.99 dollars per month. With this plan you will get the WooCommerce plugin already installed, ecommerce security for keeping your business safe, 100GB of website space, unmetered bandwidth as well as one free included, one parked and 5 sub domains. That’s not all: you will get 5 email accounts and 100 MB of email storage per account and 100 dollars of marketing offers.
  • Plus plan will cost you 8.95 dollars per month in the initial period, after that you will be charged 17.99 dollars per month. What makes difference here in comparison to Starter plan is dedicated support line which adds to the value. Also you will get unlimited parked and sub domains, unlimited email accounts and email storage per account, and 150 dollars of marketing offers. You will have no worries about spam, because with this account you will get one spam expert.
  • Pro plan is not much more expensive than the other two plans. It will cost you only 12.95 dollars per month in the initial period, and after that you will need to pay 31.99 dollars per month. With this plan, in addition you will get Comodo SSL, unlimited email accounts and storage per account, 300 dollars of marketing offers and 2 spam experts, as well as the Site backup pro.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting is a virtual server hosting and if you think this type of web hosting solution is right for you than BlueHost’s service is an excellent choice. There are three types of plans of VPS hosting: Standard, Enhanced and Ultimate.

  • With the Standard plan you will initially have to pay 19.99 dollars per month, and after the initial period you will have to pay 29.99 dollars per month. You will get 2 cores, 30 GB of SSD storage space, 2 GB of RAM memory, unlimited bandwidth as well as one included domain and one IP address.
  • They recommend their Enhanced plan that costs only 29.99 dollars per month in the initial period (normally its 29.99 dollars a month). You will get 2 cores, 60 GB of SSD storage, 4 GB of RAM memory, unlimited bandwidth and one included domains as well as the 2 IP addresses.
  • Their Ultimate plan for 59.99 dollars per month in the initial period (usually its 119.99 dollars per month) offers 4 Cores, 120 GB SSD storage space and 8 GB of unlimited bandwidth.

With all these plans they promise 30 day money back guarantee and support team that will help you to manage your problems and questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting will serve only and exclusively to your needs. If you don’t want to share hosting space with other websites, it’s a perfect type of hosting for you.

It comes with three plans at BlueHost: Standard, Enhanced and Premium. With all these plans they promise 30 days money back guarantee and offer support at any time! Let’s look at them first.

  • Their Standard plan comes at the price of 79.99 dollars per month in the initial period. After that, you will have to pay 109.99 dollars per month. This plan offers 4 cores, 8 threads and 500 of storage space, 4 GB of RAM memory and 5TB of bandwidth. You will have one included domain and 3 IP addresses.
  • They recommend their Enhanced plan which you can get for 99.99 in the initial period (usually for 159.99). You will get twice as much RAM in comparison to the Standard plan, as well as the bandwidth. You will get 4 IP addresses and one included domain.
  • Premium plan is much bigger. You will get up to 15 TB of bandwidth and 5 IP addresses for 119.99 dollars per month in the initial period and 209.99 dollars after. With this plan you will get 16 GB of RAM dedicated for your needs only on your private server as well as 1TB of mirrored storage.

Features and Value

BlueHost offers to its users various different tools in order to make their journey through the Internet an easy ride. Variety is certainly a way to go generally speaking, so without further ado we will look at exactly what they’re offering.

Shared hosting

Regarding shared hosting, there are three types of features you should know about: Basic, Advanced and Optional. So, let’s see what they are.

  1. Basic

When we talk about the features of hosting websites it’s important to talk about the domains first. Their domain manager will provide a way to track keep to date, transfer, buy and administer all domains you have in one place. As we mentioned before, Business Pro and Plus plans will provide you with boundless add-ons, parked domains and subdomains- all that in one place.

Email is the second feature we feel is important to mention. Emailing is one of the most used ways of communicating in the business world, and we understand that having a well functioned email account is an absolute must. That’s why we are confident to say that BlueHost understood this need and provided its users with the possibility to create and manage unlimited email accounts.

More advanced features, such as forwarding rules and account filters, Secure POP3 and IMAP support, as well as the third-party client compatibility and spam protection are the ones who stand as a proof of BlueHost’s superiority on the market.

Scalability is yet another important feature, and it offers the users the possibility to begin with what they need and then move on to more powerful options as their website starts needing more resources.

One very crucial thing in the online life is having backup. BlueHost provides daily backups of your entire account. You can restore your complete data with just one click or you can use their optional PRO backup service in order to restore certain files and databases.

BlueHost provides resource protection to its users. Technology that they have is able to identify websites using too much of their resources and temporarily move them to isolated systems which results in defending website performance of a user and controls the risk that comes with shared servers.

The Enhanced cPanel which was built on the cPanel platform is an advanced interface that makes the managing of websites, domains, files and emails easier, and all that from one location.

  1. Advanced

Multi-Server Management is what you will need if you want to manage more than one account. This will help you to add shared, VPS or dedicated services on your account more easily.

The second feature, Access control, creates unique passwords that disable access to particular areas of the account.

The third feature is Content delivery network that enables the CloudFlare to be built into your account. Modern content delivery network will instantly increase the performance of the website.

And the last of the advanced features we would like to mention is all about advanced capabilities. It will enable you to use advanced capabilities such as Secure Shell access, and to customize your own .htaccess files, cron jobs and php.ini files.

  1. Optional

Optional features include unique IP’s that provide advanced control of ports as well as protecting your account by securing an IP address assigned to your websites only.

Domain Privacy is yet another important feature. It prevents identity theft, spam as well phishing attacks. You don’t have to worry about safety of your account anymore with the SiteLock feature, because it will defend your website against malware.

SSL certificates will encrypt the connection between your server and the visitors of your websites in order to protect personal information, e-store transactions…

And with the Site Backup pro who increases your chances to recover specific files, folders, databases, and tables, as well as the Spam protection will certainly do a good job in defending your system.

Cloud hosting

Features of Cloud hosting will certainly satisfy everybody’s needs. BlueHost offers monthly billing which enables you to add resources in a simplified way skipping any unneeded usage fees. Another feature, such as automated migration will enable you to change platform in no-time. Data Mirroring will automatically distribute three mirrored copies of your data via various devices to ensure the defense and safety.

With Integrated caching you will be able to enjoy web content but automatically faster; all that with an advanced, customized NGINX/Varnish Caching configuration. Intuitive Dashboard will enable you to monitor your website’s performance by tracking traffic, speed of the load and global reach from one place.

You don’t have to worry with BlueHost. Their Fully-Managed feature will enable you to let their experts manage and maintain languages, security patches and various problems that may arise.

WordPress hosting

With the features that are included in the WordPress hosting, such as extreme speed, you will be able to use custom made architecture engineered to meet unprecedented performance. They, as well, build integrated key features and built tools that make WordPress run smoothly. You don’t need to worry about WordPress security with BlueHost because they made SiteLock features that make your journey safe from day one.

One more important thing we need to mention is KVM hypervisor that enables your resources to be always assigned to you specifically. Backups are crucial and you don’t need to make a fuss about it because they made dedicated backup storage and they will make immediate backups of your WordPress websites.

WooCommerce hosting

As we said it before this is perfect for your ecommerce business. This one will provide you with such essential stuff like taking credit cards and processing orders is a no-time. WooCommerce is easy to install and this is as well the advantage if you are planning to use it. Your transactions will be secure with an SSL certificate and dedicated IP, so that is for sure yet another worry to get off your shoulders.

VPS hosting

If you decide for this type of hosting you will enjoy its extreme performance with the easiest way of use. Their VPS servers are ready to provision immediately. You are now able to use your server the second you need it. The people at BlueHost guarantee that your website will always perform at optimal levels. And with their implementation of KVM hypervisor, your resources will be available at all times.

  1. Advanced

If you need more than one server you can add more VPS or Shared and Dedicated hosting service to your account and manage everything with ease from one spot. With this advanced feature you will be able to create personalized passwords that grant access to distinct parts of your account. You can manage your files by creating multiple FTP accounts.

  1. Optional

With these features you can instantly add storage to your dedicated server without any lag or work by their administration team. Optional features also enable you to prevent identity theft, spam and phishing attacks.

Dedicated hosting

There are three types of features that come with this type of hosting and they are Basic, Advanced and Optional. Let’s see them.

  1. Basic

People at BlueHost say that each server is custom built and using only the latest technology and they enable you to provision dedicated servers immediately.  You will be able to add hosting storage in no time.

With their enhanced cPanel, you will be able to increase available storage space in seconds without requiring admin intervention. And as far as advanced users are concerned, improved control panel provides optional root access, which will give you full control of your server.

  1. Advanced

Improved cPanel will enable you to manage all of your websites, domains, resources, emails, basically anything with ease and all from one place. And multi-server management will enable you to add shared, VPS or additional dedicated services to your existing account and manage all of them from one spot.

  1. Optional

Scalability is really important. This option will enable you to upgrade your dedicated server as the time passes and your business continues to grow more and more. SSL certificates will protect personal information, e-commerce transactions, etc.

Customer Support

We can’t say BlueHost’s customer support is a perfect one. But everyone is allowed to make mistakes. They ensured their product to be the one of a kind in the market, and did a really great job, so we will forgive them for this.

However, we shouldn’t judge their customer support right away. They ensured their users with a great knowledge base of frequently asked questions, as well as self-help guides.

Pros and Cons

BlueHost is a right fit if you are blogger or an entrepreneur. You can’t certainly find any fault in unlimited storage, data transfer and unlimited domain hosting. You will be able to easily build your website with their free website builder that comes with templates. And we certainly can’t argue against the money back policy.

We don’t like multiple upsell attempts, and as we mentioned before the very slow and somewhat inefficient customer support system, which you can read about from various complaints across the web.


BlueHost offers various exciting features and extras included at every pricing plan. And their diversity of plans enables flexibility for every budget. We certainly can trust them, because 20 years on the market is a proof that they are doing something right.

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