Best WordPress Web Hosting Services (2018)

So, you have a WordPress website? Well, congratulations, your site is getting more traffic! That is probably the main reason why you are reading this article. Basic (free) hosting that WordPress provides is no longer enough, and you need to upgrade it.

But, you are not sure which hosting type is right for your needs? Keep reading.

When it comes to hosting types, there are three major categories: shared, VPS and dedicated. There are also some new ones, like cloud hosting, but we will stick to the basics here. Which one is the right one for you, shared, VPS or dedicated?

Shared hosting is the least powerful of all, but is also the least expensive. Your WP site will be hosted on a server with (many) other websites. So, the power of a single server is shared between different websites. The key strength of shared hosting is price; this hosting type is by far the cheapest option, and you can get (decent) shared hosting for less than $5. A perfect option for people on the beginning of their online careers, who need every cent they can save invested elsewhere.

VPS: Virtual Private Server hosting is the next step. It is similar to shared hosting, because you share the power of a single host. But, in VPS hosting you get your “own” number of CPU cores, amount of RAM, bandwidth and storage. This amount is guaranteed to you, and you will get it no matter what. This is different than shared hosting. With shared hosting, nothing is guaranteed to you and if other websites on the same server get many visitors at the same time, your website will lag too. VPS corrects that, and you will not get those lag spikes as often as you do with shared hosting. This option is ideal for servers that are getting increased traffic. It is also good if your pocket is not yet deep enough for a dedicated host.

Dedicated hosting: this is the big league. With dedicated hosting, you get the whole server just for you. If you find yourself in need of a dedicated server, you’re the man! Only the biggest companies with websites that attract large volumes of visitors every day need dedicated servers. And, dedicated servers are not for everyone; they cost, and they cost a lot!

Which one is the best one for WP? Well, you have probably guessed right; it’s shared hosting.

The reason is simple. You are probably transitioning from free hosting, and you should take it one step at a time. Yes, we know, you have an awesome website that grows rapidly. But be patient, start small, with shared hosting. It will have almost no impact on your wallet, and if it proves sufficient, you saved a lot of money. On the other hand, if you find shared hosting lacking in performance, you can upgrade at any time. Downgrading is a different story.

And, if you are a blogger (after all, this is a WP dedicated article), shared hosting will probably be good enough for a while.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Hosting?

There are few important things you need to look for when choosing a hosting provider for WordPress websites (or any other website basically):

  • Speed and reliability – obviously, if you wanted top performance, you would get something better than shared hosting. But, you still want a responsive website, and most importantly, a website that is up all the time! This is why great uptime is imperative. 99.9% at least. We can’t highlight how important this is, but put it this way; if your website is out of reach, you can’t be trusted. And your potential visitors (and customers) will look elsewhere, and find a website and a client they can actually reach today.
  • Price and features – here, it is all about the ratio. You need to try your best to find the optimum solution; a hosting provider with the right price-features balance. You can’t get something you can’t afford, but also you need to get as much as possible for the scarce money you do invest. But don’t go always for the cheapest solution, often times it doesn’t provide the best value. Be wise.
  • Security and support – your visitors need to feel safe, and this is why choosing a host with great security record is essential. Your reputation is at stake. Also, you want to find a provider that has excellent support; things will not always go your way. And when they don’t, you need to make sure you get the right support, promptly.

You wanted a quick-fix, and now all this?! Don’t worry, we got you covered.

In this article we will give you three awesome examples; three hosting providers that are perfect for WordPress hosting. All three are super safe, ultra-fast, packed with features and are affordable. And all three are known for their great support.

Let’s begin!


First one on our list is BlueHost. You can’t go wrong if you opt for it. BlueHost is the number one hosting provider recommended by the WordPress. You can stop looking here, because you will not find a better recommendation than this. You are looking for a host for your WordPress website, and the WordPress is recommending BlueHost.

BlueHost is recommended by WP for a reason. It is very reliable, and it shines when it comes to safety.  You will be safe from common internet threats such as spam, but also from those nasty DDOS attacks. You can also enhance your website’s security even further with SSL and SSH encryption.

If you are a beginner, or just not that much tech savvy, you will appreciate how easy it is to set up BlueHost. There is a one click installation option for almost anything, WP included. You will have everything up and running in no time at all.

And if you get stuck, it is good to know that BlueHost has a highly trained support team at your service, 24/7. You can get support in different ways, including chat, phone, and knowledge base. All is linked, and in sync, through a central helpdesk portal. And if you like finding the information yourself, and learning along the way, check the BlueHost website. It is filled with useful tutorials and how-to videos.

There are three shared plans: Basic, Plus and Prime.

Basic is, well, basic. You can host one website, with 50 GB space, with 5 parked domains, and 5 email accounts (100 MB storage per account). Good enough for the most basic websites (blogs!), and good enough for $3.49/mo.

The Plus plan gives you more, a lot more. For $5.45/mo it can host unlimited websites, with unlimited space, bandwidth, parked domains, subdomains and email accounts (with unlimited space). You will also get $200 worth of marketing credits, to boost your website’s visibility right away. And a Spam expert too.

Prime plan is the best option, and it will cost you only 50 cents more; $5.95/ mo. It will give you everything the Plus plan has, and some extras too. Site Backup Pro, to keep your data extra safe and one private domain.

But, whichever shared hosting plan you choose, rest assured that you have chosen the best. Also, your money is safe, BlueHost offers a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you are completely risk free.


InMotion is a trusted company, it has more than 300,000 domains hosted on it. People trust it for a reason, it is reliable and extremely fast.

How fast is it?

Websites hosted on InMotion are said to run up to 40% faster than those hosted on other providers. How is this possible? Well, InMotion does only the right things. They make sure their technology is the latest, state of the art. They invest millions of dollars every year to keep everything updated and fresh. And it is showing results; you will hardly find a faster hosting provider that has more reliable servers.

InMotion has 3 shared plans optimized for WordPress hosting: Launch, Power and Pro. Launch plan has a free domain, 2 websites, unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email.

Their best valued plan is the Power plan. For $5.99/mo you will have a free domain, 6 websites, unlimited bandwidth, and disk space and email accounts. It will also double the performance of the Launch plan in connections, memory and entry processes. Power plan also costs $5.99/mo.

Pro plan goes the furthest. It has everything the Power plan has to offer plus unlimited websites and 4x performance. You will also get access to pro support that will guarantee 99.9% uptime. If they don’t deliver, InMotion promises free hosting to compensate. Pro plan costs $8.99/mo.

InMotion has a highly rated and well trained, in house based support team, ready to answer all your questions 24/7. They are known to respond in less than two minutes, and will not keep you waiting.

Interested in InMotion? Try them out. They have a very generous 90 day money-back guarantee.


HostGator is probably the most famous hosting provider of all. And for a good reason. It is in the business for a while now, with a proven track record and millions of happy customers. If numbers are your main concern, go for HostGator; more than 9 million domains are hosted on it.

9 million domains means that HostGator has a huge reputation to keep. And they do it the right way. HostGator has one of the biggest and best equipped data centers around. They make sure nothing gets wrong; their 10,000 servers are under constant surveillance, have power backups and the latest fire detection systems. All this results in 99.9% uptime. Check it out yourself, their website has a RSS feed with server status updates.

HostGator has very affordable pricing. Shared hosting has three plans: Basic, Essentials and Pro. All three have unlimited bandwidth and once click installations for popular scripts (WP included). Basic plan will have all this, but you will only be able to register a single domain. However, you can’t expect more for only $3.95/mo. The Essentials plan will correct this disadvantage, and will enable you to register unlimited domains, for $5.95/mo. The Pro plan, naturally, has the best features. Unlimited bandwidth, domains, as well as a private SSL & IP and free VoIP phone servers. Neat! And it will cost you the same.

If something goes wrong, don’t worry. The HostGator support team is always there for you, 24/7. Reach them by phone, chat, the ticket system or a knowledge base. Also, since HostGator has so many users, their community is very lively with excellent forums.

HostGator is a great choice. Its reputation is solid, confirmed by the number of users. They have a long money back guarantee of 45 days, a good reason to try HostGator.


Hosting industry has (too) many options, and it can be hard to choose. In this article we explained why shared hosting is the right one for your WP website. The reason is very simple; it’s the cheapest kind of hosting. Don’t go too ahead of yourself, and start small. You can always upgrade later, if you find it necessary. But until then, invest your money elsewhere, to make sure your website actually attracts as much traffic as possible.

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