Best Shared Web Hosting Service (2018)

If you are looking for a shared hosting plan that fits your website’s needs perfectly, you have come to the right place.

In this article we will explain everything you need to know about shared hosting; its flaws and benefits, key features you need to look for, and three great examples that have everything you can ask from a shared hosting provider.

By the end of it, you will have a clear idea about what the best shared hosting provider for your needs is.

Read on!

Why Shared Hosting?

TLDR; it is the cheapest kind of hosting.

Let’s face it, everyone has a budget. It is the first boundary of almost anything; you can’t go over your budget (at least you shouldn’t). This is especially true in the web hosting industry. With hosting, it is always better to start small.

It is true, other hosting types (VPS, cloud and especially dedicated) offer more raw power. But do you really need it? You first need to make sure your website attracts enough traffic to consider a more expensive hosting solution. Because, if it doesn’t you are wasting (a lot!) of money.

Shared hosting is the least powerful, but it still has enough power to run a small website without any problems. And the best thing about it: it is easy to upgrade at any time. After all, it is the cheapest option and every hosting provider will want your website to grow, so that you need a more powerful plan. And they need to make it easy for you to upgrade, at any time, in order to get a more expensive plan. On the other hand, downgrading is much harder. That is why patience is the best tactic. Start small and build your hosting step-by-step. Shared-VPS-dedicated. This is the only right approach.

How to Choose a Shared Hosting Provider?

Hosting providers offer (too) many features, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But, there are three major groups you should look for:

  • Speed and reliability – you can have the best looking and most user-friendly website in the whole world (wide web). But it will mean nothing if your users can’t reach it. This is why uptime is the most essential stat of every hosting provider. Less than 99.9%? Forget about it. It might seem insignificant to be too picky. After all, even the worst providers offer 99%. But, thrust us, every minute of uptime counts; users who can’t reach your website will look elsewhere, and you will lose customers. You also want your website to be swift and responsive, to allow painless transition between pages.
  • Price and features – it is good to save as much as possible, but it is also good not to be stupid. Unless it is absolutely necessary, going for the cheapest is never the best option. Yes, you will save a few bucks initially, but your website and your reputation will probably suffer later. It is vital to find the right balance between the price and the features.
  • Support – this is often neglected, but you want a hosting provider that is known to have an excellent, highly trained and easy to reach support team. Unpredictable things do happen, and you never know when you might find yourself stuck and in need of assistance.


If filtering all this information is too complicated for you, don’t worry. We will now present you with three hosting providers that are fast, reliable, have great security and excellent support. And very affordable too. You can pick between them with your eyes closed, and you will not make a mistake.

Let’s start!


If budget is your main concern, iPage is definitely for you. This hosting provider is one of the cheapest on the market. Nevertheless, it is still able to provide a top quality service.

With iPage, everything is plain simple, but it works. They only have one plan, and it is ultra-cheap; it will cost you only $1.99/mo. For that price, you get unlimited domain names, disk space, email addresses, and unlimited MySqL databases.

You also get access to their famous website builder. This is probably their go-to feature, as it is extremely easy to use, but very rich in functions. You will be able to build beautiful websites from scratch, without any technical knowledge since everything is done by dragging and dropping.

Even though iPage is one of the cheapest hosting providers out there, it still has some awesome options that many premium providers charge heavily for. These include a secure FTP manager, custom error pages and even a neat website backup software. It has a 24/7 security system, that will guarantee your website’s protection from viruses and other malware. Also, you will have some SEO marketing tools included. And all this for only $1.99/mo.

Surprisingly (when you consider its price tier), iPage has a super support! You can reach them by email, live chat and phone. Support staff is trained, and will provide solid advice, without wasting your time. The iPage website has an information-packed knowledge base too, where you can look for answers yourself.

Although a budget solution, iPage is an excellent choice. They even offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.


Have a WP website? Then just choose BlueHost to host it. This is the number one hosting provider recommended by WordPress themselves. And if these giants are willing to put their reputation behind a hosting provider, then no doubt that hosting provider is good, and knows the business.

BlueHost has more than 2 million websites, which makes it one of the biggest hosting providers in the industry. And this is not accidental. BlueHost earned its reputation over the years, by providing a top quality service. It is known to be one of the safest hosting providers out there, with anti-spam, DDOS protection, malware and anti-virus fighting and frequent backups. Also, they keep their servers safe from power failures too, with diesel generators and UPS systems. All this ensures that your website stays up all the time.

BlueHost has 3 shared plans: Basic, Plus and Prime.

Basic is good enough for only the basic websites (imagine that!). It can host 1 website, up to 50 GB large, with unmetered bandwidth. You can register 1 domain, with 5 parked domains, and 25 subdomains. Also, you can only have 5 email accounts, with 100 MB each. So, very limited, but you can’t expect much better for $3.49/mo.

But, for $5.45/mo, you get the much better Plus plan. It will give you unlimited space for your website with unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, email storage, subdomains and parked domains. You will also get $200 of marketing credits, which you can use to increase your website’s online presence and a spam expert.

We recommend the Prime plan. It will cost you $5.95/mo, but it will pay itself off. The main feature it offers is Site Backup Pro, and it will make sure all your data remains safe.

BlueHost has a good support team too. They are easy to reach, and available 24/7. Also, they have an excellent website, with a large knowledge base and FAQ section, filled with useful help guides.

There is a reason why WordPress recommends BlueHost so much. It is a top hosting provider, with long history. Try it yourself, you are risk free- they offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion is a hosting company that has probably the best technology of all hosting providers. They invest heavily, millions of dollars every year, to make sure everything is spot-on. They use only the top quality components for their servers. And it is showing results; websites hosted on InMotion servers are as much as 40% faster than those hosted on competition servers.

InMotion offers three shared hosting options. Each has unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts and storage. Also, InMotion does free website transfer, with zero downtime, making it an ideal option if you already have your website hosted elsewhere. Every shared plan also has $250 of marketing credit, Spam safe email and Malware protection.

Their cheapest plan, Launch is best suited for smaller websites. It supports 2 websites, and up to 6 domains. Their most popular plan, called Power, will offer a bit more; it supports 6 websites with 26 parked domains and 100 subdomains. The biggest plan, Pro, will allow you to host unlimited websites, with unlimited domains and subdomains. Launch and Power plans cost $5.99/mo, while the Pro plan costs $8.99/mo.

The InMotion support team is one of the industry’s finest. They are easy to reach, at any time of the day, and are highly trained and extremely professional. They are based in-house, and will solve any issues immediately. InMotion has a user-friendly website too, and you will be able to find solutions yourself easily.

Still not convinced? Don’t be that sceptical, we invite you to try InMotion yourself. It offers a generous 90 day money-back guarantee.


Choosing shared hosting is a wise option, in most cases. Going step by step is never wrong. Especially when it is so easy to upgrade to something better, and more expensive. Shared hosting can prove sufficient enough if you only need a basic, informative website, or a blog.

Be patient, you can invest into better hosting later, when you grow your business a bit. For now, put your money elsewhere, in something that can actually benefit your business more directly, to make it grow faster. Good luck!

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