Best MODX Web Hosting Providers (2018)

When it comes to CMS, there are not many better options than MODX. You are surprised, aren’t you? Well you are not the only one. People often call MODX “The best CMS you have never used”. This is a pity, when MODX is in the right hands, it offers so much. But, it has to be in the right hands- it is not made for everyone. A bit like Drupal, MODX is for users who know their way around CSS and HTML. If you are a total beginner, stick to WordPress.

But, if you have the necessary skills, you will have a great time using MODX. It allows so much customization, and there are virtually hundreds of settings to modify. This is both good and bad. It does allow unmatched customization, but everything is going to be done manually, no quick-fixes or wizards.

The end product of using MODX will be a great looking and functional website, that is also unique, and just the way you want it.

But, you want your MODX website not only to look good, but to work flawlessly. To do that, you will need a proper hosting provider. In this article, we will explain different hosting types, and offer you advice on which is the best for MODX. Also, we will review 3 great hosting providers, known to be compatible with MODX.

Stay with us to learn more.

Best Type of Hosting for MODX Website

There is no easy answer- everyone is different. Fortunately, MODX is flexible, and can be used for almost any website, large or small. There are three main hosting types in the web hosting industry:

  • Shared hosting- the name says it all. You share resources. One server is used by multiple websites at once. This makes shared hosting the cheapest option, but also the least powerful. But, this is a good place to start, since most websites don’t attract too much traffic from the start. And it will certainly save you some money.
  • Dedicated server- this is the other side of the spectrum, the most powerful hosting option. No sharing here, you get the whole server only for your website. Almost unlimited performance, but at a really high price. Think twice before signing up for a dedicated server. Unless you are not a huge company that needs a really large website that attracts enormous amounts of traffic each day, you don’t need a dedicated server, so don’t waste your money.
  • VPS- Virtual Private Server is for businesses that are in the middle- not big enough to get a dedicated server for their website, but too big for shared hosting. The middle solution costs less than a dedicated server, but offers more performance than shared hosting. However, it still costs a lot more than shared hosting, so if you don’t need the upgrade- don’t upgrade!

Since we don’t know how big your website is, and we won’t start guessing, we will recommend shared hosting. Why? Because everyone starts as a beginner. Don’t go ahead of yourself, if you are just starting up your business, you need to keep expenses low. If your business and your website does grow, you can upgrade later. Until then, stay real, and start with a shared hosting plan.

How to Choose a Shared Hosting Provider?

This is more about choosing between hosting companies, than choosing between plans. You want a reputable company that is known for good service, and one that has been around for long. You also want to make sure your hosting provider meets these criteria:

  • Uptime- vital. It will tell you a lot about a hosting provider. Check their uptime history. Anything less than 99.9% should not be considered, no matter what. Trust us, we are talking about your reputation, and nothing stains it more than a website that can’t be reached.
  • Speed- sign with a hosting provider that has the latest technology. Uptime is worthless if it takes forever to load your site.
  • Security- you want as many security features as possible, especially if your business involves users’ personal data, such as credit card numbers. Advanced features like SSL will keep that data private. Anti-malware/spyware/spam/DDoS also helps.
  • Support- MODX users are technical geeks, but even they will need help from time-to-time. Make sure to sign with a hosting provider that is known to offer tremendous customer service. You want them to have a professional and well trained support team that is easy to reach, in different ways.

We will now review three hosting providers that meet all the above criteria, and are ideal candidates for your MODX website.

We present you BlueHost, InMotion, HostGator and their shared plans.


All WordPress users have heard about BlueHost. WordPress is proud to recommend BlueHost as their number one hosting partner. For a good reason; BlueHost is reliable and known to have fast and secure servers. This does not mean that BlueHost is only good for WP, MODX users can enjoy all the benefits of this great hosting company too.

BlueHost has custom built their unique data center. They even have their own fiber optics. Everything is built with the latest components. Also, BlueHost leaves nothing to chance- they have installed diesel power generators and UPS for their servers. Uptime says it all- 99.9% or better, guaranteed.

Your MODX site will stay safe with BlueHost. SpamAssassin, hotlink protection, anti-malware and DDoS attack protection are all there to keep unwanted guests out.

Speaking of the latest technology- BlueHost shared plans are all based on 16 Core processors with 256 GB RAM and SSD storage, ensuring maximum speeds with unlimited bandwidth. They are quite affordable too:

  1. Basic- $3.95/mo- 1 website, 50 GB storage, 1 domain with 5 parked domains and 25 subdomains, 5 emails, 100 MB storage per account.
  2. Plus $5.95/mo- unlimited websites with unmetered website space, 1 domain with unlimited parked domains, subdomains, emails and email storage. Also $200 marketing credits included, $24/yr in extras and 1 SpamExperts.
  3. Prime- $5.95/mo- all that comes in the Plus plan, plus: $80/yr in extras, 1 Domain Privacy and 1 SiteBackup Pro.

24/7 available, in-house based BlueHost support team is highly trained and easy to reach. Also, check their website as it is filled with useful information and tutorials.

Give BlueHost a try, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

InMotion Hosting

Speed, speed, and more speed! InMotion hosts some ridiculously fast websites, as much as 6 times faster than the competition. If speed is your thing, sign with InMotion.

The main thing that makes InMotion websites ultra-fast is the technology. InMotion invests regularly, millions every year, to keep their servers up to date. Only the best components can deserve to be a part of their servers. And the results show, not only in speed, but in uptime too- InMotion has a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, but it is always better than that.

InMotion takes support seriously. Their Premier Support team is one of the best in the whole web hosting industry. Reach them by phone, live chat or ticket system, 24/7/365. They are highly trained, and will offer free site migration and free backup too. Other hosting providers charge for these services, but not InMotion. Their website is excellent, and if you like solving problems yourself, you will enjoy many tutorials and how-to videos you can find there.

Every InMotion shared plan has a free domain name, free SSD, free SSH access and free 1-click installers for popular scripts. Every plan has unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email account and email storage. Each has $250 of free advertising credit included. Also, a free website builder is available.  Here are the shared plans:

  1. Launch- $5.99/mo- 2 databases, 2 websites, 6 parked domains with 25 subdomains
  2. Power- $5.99/mo- 50 databases, 6 websites, 26 parked domains with 100 subdomains
  3. Pro- $8.99- unlimited number of databases, unlimited websites, unlimited parked domains and subdomains plus Pro level support.

If this is not enough to convince you to try InMotion, hear this- they offer one of the longest money-back guarantees in the industry; as much as 90 days! So no reason not to give them a chance.


This is another big name in the web hosting industry, which has been around for a while. HostGator has earned the trust of many, and they host more than 9 million domains.

HostGator is well known for its affordable pricing, good uptime and excellent support. They do hosting like it is supposed to be done- everything is based on the latest technology, and tightly secured. Their data center is monitored around the clock, and they have smoke and fire detection systems in place. Also, access is restricted, and only authorized personnel can access the servers. Uptime is guaranteed, at 99.9%. And they do business transparently, as you can check the server status at any time using their website’s RSS feed.

Each HostGator shared plan has plenty of freebies. You will get your website transferred to their servers for free. You will get 52 free scripts installed for you. You will get $100 for Google Adwords and $100 Bing Ads Credit. Also, you can use their website builder, completely for free. And the cPanel control panel will make everything easy.

Each HostGator shared plan has unmetered bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, subdomains, FTP and email accounts:

  1. Hatchling Plan- $3.95/mo- 1 domain
  2. Baby Plan- unlimited domains, unlimited parked domains
  3. Business Plan- unlimited domains, parked domains, private SSL and IP, Free VoIP, anonymous FTP.

HostGator has an award-winning support team. Reach them by phone (toll-free), email or chat, 24/7. Also, since it has so many users, HostGator has a lively forum, where you can find useful information, and get in contact with other users.

HostGator has a generous money-back guarantee, 45 days. Try them out.


Now you know which hosting providers are a great pick for your MODX website. BlueHost, InMotion and HostGator are all excellent choices, known for their safety, speed, reliability and affordable pricing. They are in the industry for long, and will stay for even longer. They are true leaders of the web hosting industry.

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