Best Drupal Web Hosting Services (2018)

Drupal? Wise choice. Not many people take the hard way, but it always pays off. Drupal allows more customization than both WordPress and Joomla, other two popular CMS choices. It is the hardest to learn, but once you master it, it will offer an unmatched number of options.

Choosing Drupal shows you mean business and you will probably need a bigger website than most people who use WordPress. This is why you need something better than shared hosting. It is good enough only for the most basic websites/blogs. But, if your website has many pages (like most Drupal sites have), or attracts larger volume of traffic, you will need something bigger.

Dedicated server is always the best option, but it is too expensive for many. This is why VPS hosting is ideal; a perfect, balanced solution, standing right in between shared hosting and dedicated servers. It will offer far more power than shared hosting, and will allow hosting some bigger and more advanced websites. And it costs far less than dedicated, and will not put too many holes in your pocket.

In this article, we will present you with key features every good Drupal hosting VPS provider needs to have. We will also present you with three excellent choices for your website. When you finish reading it, you will have a much better idea about how to choose the proper hosting for your Drupal website.

Let’s begin by telling you more about the key features every VPS plan needs to have.

How to Choose a VPS Plan for Your Drupal Website?

There are few things you need to watch out for when looking for a VPS to host your Drupal website. First, there are some features that every hosting provider needs to have:

  • Speed and reliability – you want your website to be up all the time, so choose a provider that has 99% or better uptime. There’s nothing worse for your reputation than a website that cannot be reached. Also, make sure you sign with a provider that is known to host ultra-fast websites. Fast browsing will make your visitors happy and they will gladly revisit your website.
  • Features and pricing – this is easy, you eliminate all those plans you can’t afford. However, be a bit careful, and don’t always go for the cheapest plans, unless it is absolutely necessary. It is all about value and price to features ratio.
  • Support and security – you want a hosting provider that has excellent security, both digital and physical. You want your websites safe from malware, spyware, viruses, spam and DDOS attacks. But you also want servers that are safe from water, fire, or power loss, and servers that are backed up regularly. Also, you want a provider with highly trained staff that can respond quickly to any issues, and help you overcome them painlessly.

The main difference between a shared plan and a VPS is hardware. With shared plans, you get to share the power of a single server with other users. This is why the performance of shared hosting is limited, because one website takes the same resources as others do. With VPS, you get a portion of a server (computer) guaranteed. How much? It depends how much you pay; you reserve the number of CPU cores, the amount of RAM, SSD (or HDD) space, and bandwidth. This amount is guaranteed to you, so you can’t get clogged by other websites using the same resources as yours.

It is good to have as much resources as possible, but getting more will cost you more. Finding the right balance for your website’s needs is essential. Also, if you don’t have time (or knowledge) to manage your site yourself, get a managed VPS.

If all this is too technical for you, and you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry. We will present you with 3 great VPS hosting options to choose from, ensuring that they all meet our criteria, making it easy for you to choose.


HostGator is one of the best known hosting providers in the industry. And no wonder, since it hosts more than 9 million domains! This makes it one of the largest hosting companies out there.

HostGator earned the trust of so many users by ensuring everything goes as planned, all the time. They have custom built their data center from scratch, equipping it with the latest fire detection and power backup systems. They also keep it under watchful eye 24/7, making sure nothing ever goes wrong. When you combine these security measures with their state of the art server technology, you get visible results: 99.9% uptime. This is something that you can check yourself at any time, since they have a server-status RSS feed on their website.

HostGator has 3 VPS plans that can fit any need: Snappy 2000, Snappy 4000 and Snappy 8000. Every plan has 2 IP addresses, full root access, cPanel, uses Intel processors, and is on supermicro servers.

Their cheapest VPS plan, Snappy 2000, is quite good. For $19.95/mo you will get 2 GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 120 GB disk space, and 1.5 TB bandwidth. This will be good enough for a decent sized website.

The recommended plan, Snappy 4000, will get you enough muscle to run a big website. With 2 cores, 4 GB RAM, 165 GB space, and 2 TB of bandwidth at your disposal, your website will be smooth as silk.

Snappy 8000 is for the biggest websites. It is brutal: 4 cores, 8 GB RAM, 240 GB space, 3 TB bandwidth. This is big enough to run almost anything.

HostGator’s award winning support staff is there for you all the time if you need them. And since it is one of the biggest hosting companies out there, they have a huge community too. On their excellent forums you can find many useful videos and tutorials.

HostGator is really a solid choice for VPS hosting, and at affordable prices. You can try it yourself, they offer a 45 day money-back guarantee.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion is one of the veterans in the hosting industry. And it earned its stripes with more than 300,000 domains hosted on their servers speak for themselves.

Trying to find a hosting provider with better technology than InMotion? Well, good luck, because you will hardly find any. They take hosting seriously, and they mean business. They make constant innovations, investing millions every year, in order to keep their servers up to date with the latest hi-tech improvements. Their modern, state-of-the-art data centers give them advantage in speed. Websites hosted on their servers are fast, really fast! In fact, 40% faster than those hosted on the competition’s servers. Every website will be eCommerce optimized. And InMotion gives you full root access, for full customization.

InMotion has 3 Cloud based VPS plans. Cloud means they offer real time redundancy, your data will be ultra-safe with 0 downtime. Every plan has free management, one less thing to worry about. Also, free SSD, cPanel with WHM included and unlocked CPU cores.

VPS plans cost $24.99/39.99/59.99/mo and each offers something more than the last. You get 4GB/6GB/8GB RAM, 75GB/150GB/260GB storage, 4TB/5TB/6TB bandwidth and 3/4/5 IP addresses.

InMotion is known for offering free migrations. But, for their VPS plans, they also offer free backup. This is excellent, and rare, since most other companies charge for this option. Kudos to InMotion for doing that. Oh, and InMotion has a terrific support staff. Knowledgeable, easy to reach, and fast responding, they will be there for you in case you need help.

InMotion also has one of the longest money-back guarantees in the industry: 90 days. You will have more than enough time to test everything yourself.


BlueHost is the number one hosting company recommended by WordPress. This is good to hear, even for Drupal users. WordPress is a serious company, and would not back something that is not top quality. BlueHost is in the business for a while, from 1996. And it still goes strong, as it has more than one million domains hosted.

BlueHost is known to be user friendly, even towards beginners. You have one-click installation for many popular scripts. Also, they have instant provisioning, meaning that your website will be ready in a blink of an eye.

One of the main strengths of BlueHost is security. All their data centers have UPS systems and diesel generators, ensuring that servers stay up all the time. This combined with regular account backup and malware/spyware/spam/DDOS protection will make sure your websites stay ultra-safe.

BlueHost has 3 affordable VPS plans: Standard, Enhanced and Ultimate, with the price of $19.99/29.99/59.99. You can choose 2/4 cores, 30/60/120 GB SSD, 2/4/8 GB RAM, depending on the size of your website. It is good to know that every server is managed 24/7, so you don’t have to do this yourself.

BlueHost has terrific support too. You can reach them 24/7, whenever you need help. They have a good looking website, with an excellent knowledge base, where you can look for answers yourself.

BlueHost is a great option, and you should test it yourself, you will be more than satisfied.


The VPS hosting industry offers many options, and it can get hard to decide which one is the best for your precious website.

That is why we have created this guide. Not only that we explained what VPS are, we have also presented you with some key features you need to look for when browsing.

Also, we have given you three great examples, to make your choice easier. You will hardly find better VPS yourself. BlueHost, InMotion and HostGator are all unique in their own way. But rest assured, they are the crème de la crème of the VPS hosting industry and will handle your Drupal website with ease.

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