Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services (2018)

Finding a good hosting plan is tricky business. The market is littered with new hosting providers that make big promises, but end up dissatisfying and even fooling customers. Not all fresh hosting providers are so bad, but if you don’t research a company beforehand, choosing a web hosting provider is like walking through a mine field.

Since you’re looking to set your website or application up on a dedicated server, you have a bit more serious prospects in mind. Prospects that a shared hosting plan couldn’t handle. Or maybe you’re looking to scale your already available website. For these reasons, you’ll be investing a lot more money into it too, so being smart about it is crucial to your business’ success. If you play your cards right, it can even turn out to be a more cost effective solution than using shared hosting.

This is why reading reviews, customer opinions and gathering plenty of feedback is a good way for getting to know how a particular hosting provider does business. Also, reading a bit deeper into the terms and conditions of a perspective hosting package also saves you a lot of trouble, disappointment and upsells in the end.

Because plenty of sneaky hosting providers (even the good ones) are tricky enough to use upsells, which means that you’ll end up paying more than what you agreed upon at first.

You should always look beyond the advertised price of a hosting package and see how much will your package’s renewal and other services cost. The average monthly fee probably won’t be the only thing you’ll be spending money on when you’re buying a hosting package, so it’s up to you to know your exact needs and your budget, of course.

I myself took plenty of time to read and dig into the knots and jolts of hosting providers and their packages. There are a few key points that a hosting provider has to be good at, in order for it to be a suitable solution for anyone in the long term. Not to mention that the more cost effective it is, while fulfilling its core purposes, the better. Some go far to provide useful extra features that help a great deal in managing your website.

So, today, we’re here to help you find a trustworthy and cost effective hosting provider. I’m going to tell you what you should be looking for in a hosting provider and how to differentiate the “good” from the “bad”.

Without further ado, let’s get down to it!

Why Should You Use a Dedicated Server?

In the simplest terms, dedicated server hosting is an agreement between you and your hosting provider. They provide you with a machine that no one else uses besides you. You have full control over the machine’s resources which is a task that requires some skill in server administration.

You’ll have the network, the hardware, power and every other resource that is required for using a dedicated server. The provider takes sole responsibility for maintaining the hardware, but you will have to manage it on the software side.

The main reasons for using a dedicated server are the following:

  • You always want to keep your website as fast as possible. These days, if the loading speed of a site goes above 1 seconds, there will be a drop in conversations. One cannot afford to have a slow website, because it will end up driving users away. The more resource heavy a website is (the more features it has) and the more visitors it has, the more it taxes server resources. So if you have about a hundred thousand visitors or even more that it’s enough to slow down your website, you should consider switching to a dedicated server hosting plan.
  • Sharing a server is similar to having your apartment in a shared block, where there are at least 50 other apartments. You won’t walk into each other’s bathrooms and bedrooms but you’re still sharing some of the same space. What each of you does in that building affects the other in some way. So, if someone on the shared server overuses the resources or if the server itself runs out of resources, your website will be slowed down. If someone else practices black hat SEO practices, it might end up having the entire server’s IP address (the one you’re using), deindexed. So, it’s a much safer option to have a big house, all to yourself and the same goes for your webserver. Having all the resources and management to yourself come with more safety, reliability, speed and a better product.

A dedicated server is the most powerful option you can choose, with keeping your future growth in perspective.

If your business has come into a phase where it generates revenue and downtime would be really expensive, then it’s time to use a dedicated server for hosting your website. Also, if your website has peak hours, that bring an unexpectedly huge traffic along with them, it’s a great sign that you have to start using something more powerful.

The Best Dedicated Server Providers

We have been testing and reviewing plenty of hosting providers over the past 2 years. These three are the ones we found most trustworthy and reasonably well priced!

Liquid Web

Liquid Web has made quite a name for itself during the time it has been around. It is our favorite dedicated server hosting provider, because of their team’s personality and their enthusiasm. I find nothing more attractive, than people pursuing their craft with love and passion.

Thankfully, Liquid Web isn’t one of those hosting providers that advertise themselves as an incredibly enthusiastic group of people, only to end up bailing on their users. Their passion translates into technological awesomeness and some truly amazing services.

Liquid Web maintains the online presence of many big brands, such as Home Depot, National Geographic, and Symantec. They provide powerful enterprise-level hosting and are not shy to demand a hefty price for it. But if you choose them as your hosting provider, they will definitely not fail you and will go the extra mile for you if necessary.

An interesting thing about this hosting provider is that it doesn’t offer shared hosting plans. Since they are devoted to providing high speed services and all the horsepower you could possibly want, you can only use dedicated server plans. Liquid Web’s servers have an outstanding uptime and amazing, high-speed loading times of 380-500 milliseconds. Their network is incredibly fault-resistant. Thanks to their latest technologies, the chances of you ever experiencing any downtime is very low. Their databases are in the US and a European center is on its way too. All their data is stored on SSDs that have RAID protection, so everything you upload is 99% safe at all times.

The support is 100% reliable and always there for you in time of need. They won’t take more than 20 minutes to reply to a message or to get on the line with you. Their support team is truly heroic and will never leave you alone with any questions or problems bugging your mind. With a premium price, comes a truly outstanding group of people to have your back and handle your issues quickly and properly.

You can leave your entire website in their capable hands if you want, because they offer fully managed hosting solutions. The degree of management varies for each plan they offer, but if you want them to handle your server instead of having yourself doing it, you have the option. All you have to do is take care of your business and they’ll handle everything else.

Liquid Web is recommended by its customers over and over again, for very good reasons.

Their services start around 40$, but you can also choose daily billing and scale your plan up and down whenever you want it. Almost everything regarding your hosting service can be dynamically set.

If you’re looking for something truly performance based and don’t mind spending a little extra for a premium service, Liquid Web is the way to go!

InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting is also hard to miss. It has been around for over 16 years and has become one of the largest independent web hosting companies in the world. This made it home to more than 300,000 domains. InMotion is a prime choice for bloggers, beginners and enterprises alike. They have been providing top notch hosting services ever since they hit the market.

InMotion earned its place by performing well in major areas like speed and uptime. A dedicated server hosting plan will provide you with a loading speed of 200-300 milliseconds, which is insanely fast. The servers also have a 99.95% uptime, which means that you’ll only see them down for a few seconds at max, throughout an entire year. So if a server is this fast and this reliable, it will handle anything you throw at it, really well. All of their servers feature SSD drives, which only add to the loading speeds and make them safe for storing data. So, in terms of safety and reliability, only few companies are able to come even close to In Motion.

InMotion is also among the most cost effective solutions, demanding about half as much money as most of the other hosting providers out there, but providing twice as good a service as they do. To make the deal even sweeter, you get automated backups, a free domain name, a 90-day money-back guarantee, a free website migration, plenty of free software and discounts too.

There are plenty of integrated Google Apps you can use for free and you can easily manage your server through InMotion’s cPanel.

Whatever your requirements are, you’re sure to have all the horsepower, software and support necessary, at a more than reasonable price, if you buy into InMotion!


HostGator is one of the oldest players in the web hosting game, since they have been around almost 20 years now and haven’t failed at bringing quality web hosting services to their clients. Although, there has been a lot of controversy to whether they are or aren’t that good. There are a number of users that would argue against HostGator. Yet, the hundreds of thousands of satisfied users still stick around, enjoying the stability and speed that HostGator’s services offer. They are nothing short of a decent hosting provider, with a lot of good to offer.

The dedicated server you would get from HostGator, will give you complete control, but you’ll have to have some knowledge in server administration. For $119 per month, you’ll have a dedicated server with 1TB of SSD storage and 32GB of RAM, along with unlimited bandwidth, which is quite powerful, compared to other dedicated server hosting services.

The servers’ uptime is very good, since it’s availability throughout a year is 99.97%, providing you and your website with absolute stability. The average loading speed is around 500 milliseconds, which also complies with today’s standards.

HostGator is also keen to making some good deals, offering to cut off 50% of your first month and domains start at a cheap price of $5. If you choose to use their services, you don’t have to tie yourself to their contract and also have 45-day trial period. In case you don’t like what you got for your cash, you can demand your money back during this period.

So, if you’re looking for that extra horsepower and want to enjoy a solid service, from a company that has stands among the oldest hosting companies around, than HostGator is waiting for you!


There you have it! The top 3 hosting companies that provide solid dedicated servers for any individual or company that needs a bit of extra horsepower for their website. Depending on your revenue and how much money you’re willing to spend on having one of the most powerful hosting plans, you can upload your website to one of these company’s servers within 24 hours!

I hope this article was useful to you and that we’ll see you again in the next one!

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