Best Cheap VPS Hosting Providers (2018)

Hosting has to be cheap. Period. It is not something visible, and its only goal is to provide stability and speed for your website. You need that money invested elsewhere, so spending too much on hosting is not the best idea.

But, choosing cheap hosting does not necessarily mean choosing poor quality. The hosting market is very saturated and companies are competing not only by providing the best features, but also the best features for the lowest price. If you do your research, you can find the best match, with the lowest price and highest quality.

Also in terms of price/quality, Virtual Private Servers provide the best balance. They have more muscle than shared hosting, much more, and will be able to run a decent sized website without any problems. And compared to dedicated servers, VPS is much cheaper. This is why we think you should get a VPS plan.

In this article we will present you the key features of a good VPS hosting provider, and also give you some examples to consider.

Stay with us to find out more.

Choosing a VPS

There are few things you should consider in order to find the best VPS for your website:

  • Price- we have already covered this one- you want it to be cheap, but you don’t want it to be bad. Balance is the key.
  • Speed and Uptime- you want your visitors to fly between the pages. Nobody likes lag, and neither does Google. You won’t find any slow websites on top of the search result list.
  • But, speed is meaningless without stability. Uptime is the most vital stat of any website- it will tell you a lot about its hosting. 99.9% is the standard in the industry, find a hosting provider that guarantees it.
  • Security- not spending on security is never smart. Cut expenses elsewhere, and spend your hard earned money here. Weak website security will compromise your reputation, and you don’t want that to happen. Especially if your website sells products- your customers will have to enter credit card information. If that is the case, get SSL, it will encrypt everything, and your customers will feel safer when they see “secure” on their address bar.
  • Support- this is often neglected. Yes, you want a cheap host, but it must have decent support. You never know what can happen, but knowing that help is available 24/7/365 will give you peace of mind. Also, since you are on a budget, try finding a host that manages your VPN for free, does free backups and offers free site migration.
  • Power- last but not least, is the raw muscle of a VPS. Virtual Private Server works by reserving a portion of a server just for your website. You pay for a certain number of CPU cores, RAM, HDD or SSD space, monthly bandwidth etc. Since you are on a budget, think twice. Not getting enough will cripple your website’s performance, but getting too much is a waste of money. So start small, and upgrade as necessary.

Now you know what to look for when choosing a VPS. But to simplify things even further, we will now give you three examples of cheap VPS hosting. These three companies are the best in our opinion, and provide the best features, in the low price tier.


iPage is well-known as a hosting provider with the cheapest prices. It is really a budget-friendly solution, and you will hardly find a cheaper host that has a better quality service than iPage. Low prices have attracted many users, and iPage hosts more than a million websites, making it one of the largest hosting providers in the industry.

As we mentioned, go ahead, save money, but not on security. iPage shares our philosophy- their cheap plans are ultra-safe. Every iPage hosting plan comes with SiteLock, a security tool that serves as a frontline defense for your website. It performs regular scans, thus protecting your website from any malicious and unauthorized activity. It also updates all plugins, removing security holes. And even if something unexpected does happen, you can revert it to normal without any harm because iPage does daily backups.

Here are iPage VPS plans:

  1. Basic- $19.99/mo- this plan has everything you may need to get you started. For this price you will get 1 CPU core, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB disk space, 1TB bandwidth.
  2. Business- $47.99/mo- this is a perfect solution for medium sized business websites that have a steady stream of traffic. You will get 2 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, 90 GB disk space and 3 TB bandwidth.
  3. Optimum- $79.99/mo- is the strongest iPage VPS plan. It can run almost any website, and has 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM, 120 GB disk space, and 4 TB bandwidth.

Every VPS plan has managed support included. Also, you can reach the iPage support by phone, email or chat, at any time 24/7.

You won’t find any hidden terms and clauses with iPage. But what you will find is a 30 day money-back guarantee.


BlueHost is another big company with plans for every pocket. It is famous for being the number one hosting partner of WordPress. And for a good reason- they offer affordable hosting with high performance and excellent security features.

BlueHost has built one of a kind, state of the art data center. They have installed their own fiber optics, and custom made every server from scratch, using only the latest components. Also, they have installed power backup systems and UPS as a precaution. And it shows, both in speeds and in uptime- BlueHost has a 99.9% uptime, and 100% user satisfaction guarantee. Also, they keep websites safe from Internet harm too- anti spam/spyware and DDoS attack prevention are in place.

BlueHost has three VPS plans:

  1. Standard- $19.99/mo- it has 2 Cores, 30 GB SSD, 2 GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth on 1 domain with 1 IP address.
  2. Enhanced- $29.99/mo- 2 Cores, 60 GB SSD, 4 GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth on 1 domain with 2 IP addresses.
  3. Ultimate- $59.99/mo- 4 Cores, 120 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth on 1 domain with 2 IP addresses.

Every BlueHost VPS is managed, has unlimited bandwidth and free SSD which ensures maximum performance and better stability.

BlueHost has a superb support team too. You can reach them around the clock, and will not spend too much time waiting. Also, check their website, it has an excellent knowledge base and forums.

Still have your doubts? Try BlueHost yourself, 30-day money-back guarantee will give you enough time to think about everything.


HostGator is one of the biggest hosting providers in the world, and hosts more than 9 million domains on their servers. They have several data centers which ensures maximum flexibility and speed. Also, prices are quite affordable.

Data centers at HostGator are carefully monitored, all the time. Only authorized personnel can access them. Latest fire and smoke and fire detection and power backup systems are in place, just in case the worst happens. Added security shows results in uptime statistics- 99.9% is a must for HostGator, they guarantee it. Check their website, you will find a server status RSS feed, where you can see the uptime yourself.

All HostGator VPS plans are Linux based and have cPanel interface, full root access with multiple layers of security provided by several network providers, which are fully managed and backed up constantly:

  1. Snappy 2000- $19.95/mo- has 2 Cores, 2 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD, 1.5 TB bandwidth and 2 IP addresses.
  2. Snappy 4000- $29.95/mo- 2 Cores, 4 GB RAM, 165 GB HDD, 2 TB bandwidth, and 2 IP addresses.
  3. Snappy 8000- $39.95/mo- 4 Cores, 8 GB RAM, 240 GB HDD, 3 TB bandwidth, 2 IP addresses.

HostGator has an award-winning customer service team. Reach them by phone, live-chat or email. Also, check the HostGator website, it is filled with useful tutorials and how-to videos.

And this is not enough for you to try HostGator, hear this: it offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, so you simply must give it a go.


Finding good quality, but cheap VPS hosting is not that hard, you just need to know what to look for. That is why we have created this guide. We not only explained you what is important when choosing a VPS, we gave you three excellent examples.

HostGator, BlueHost and iPage are famous for their low prices, but also for the stability of their servers. Choose any one of them for your website, and you will be happy knowing that you have selected an excellent provider, but also saved some money.

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